My Son fears Cerebral Palsy Makes Him Different

This week was a big week for Trace. He had POD presentations at school, and all week I had to listen to the contant droning of how he didn’t want to do it. How he didn’t want to go. He was afraid he’d mess up. Afraid the kids would laugh at him. Afraid he’d forget his steps. 

Fear is a funny thing when it’s not yours to deal with…

As a mom, of course, I kept the positive vibes going for him. I told him he’d be okay. It’s normal to be afraid. It’s okay if he messes up. And that nobody is going to laugh because if they do they’ll be some ass-kicking going on from mama bear. 

It’s hard watching my son struggle through things because the reality is – he is different. His legs don’t work as well as others. His knees get sore. He forgets things easily and let’s not even talk about his sensory issues. I’m amazed he lets the teacher put anything remotely resembling a costume on him because that surely wigs him out.

Trace was very nervous during his presentation, however, he kept his calm. I wasn’t thrilled the teacher put him right out front knowing his fears of messing up. But I’m proud of him for how he handled the situation. He kept his focus, trying hard to remember the steps. And he sang amazing during the final song. I was so happy for him.

You know as a mom of a child with special needs that aren't always seen, one of the most difficult things is making…

Posted by Jodi Shaw on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trace is a true inspiration to me. It’s funny how people who have known him forever, phoned me up and said I had no idea his legs were that bad, as they could see in the video he had a hard time keeping up. When you have disabilities that don’t show regularly, it can be difficult for others to understand.

Top 5 Things I Never Let Trace Forget

  1. Having disabilities doesn’t make you inferior or give you a reason not to try things. You have to believe in yourself and realize all your disabilities are is just a stepping stone to bridge the gap to where you are going.
  2. Nobody can make you feel bad for who you are except you.
  3. If you try and fail that’s better than not trying at all. Just think of the adventures you’d miss.
  4. Sometimes we take two steps forward and three steps back, but that’s only to give us a clear understand as to which direction we’re going.
  5. Loving yourself means accepting everything that’s wrong with you that you don’t like and trying to change those things, and accepting the things you can’t change. 

I’m so proud of my son as I said. He did a great job at his dancing and we are looking forward to the next presentation he puts on. I know he struggles, but we take things one day at a time. That’s all we can do. I just hope he can start believing in himself and know that no matter what journey he goes on… I’m here for him.

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