Fantastic Meals in a Mug To Keep You Warm This Winter

When it comes to winter not only does my attire change. Yes I’m known to even wear socks with my flipflops. But my tummy changes, too. The foods I crave during the summer wash away and I’m left hankering for some good old fashioned comfort foods. 

I love anything easy to make. So when I came across these fantastic meals in a mug, I just knew they would help keep me warm this winter. 

Chicken Vegetable Pot Noodle (Instant Noodles) 


Super easy and delicious to make. Serving something instant along with a little green. This dish is sure to be a big hit with the family. Recipe by Kitchen Sanctuary


Spinach Ricotta Lasagna


This one comes from Healthy Nibbles & Bits and makes my mouth water. Lasagna is something that usually takes time. Not with this meal in a mug.


Omelet in a Cup


Mmmmmm eggs, broccoli, cheese oooooy and goooooy. This cup of comfort is something I’d definitely eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Recipe from Once A Month Meals.


Broccoli & Cheddar Rice Bowl (Dinner)


Quick and easy from Bigger Bolder Baker, I love her BTW she’s amazing comes this quick and easy rice and veggie in a mug meal with cheesy delight. 


Pizza in a Mug


Yep Pizza you heard me correct. Bigger Bolder Baker has so many mug recipes I could be here all day. Check out the video below with just a few more for you to enjoy. 


More Mug Recipes

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Disclosure: These are not my recipes. This post is a round-up of amazing and delicious recipes for you to enjoy. The links in this post are not affiliated and belong to each individual recipe owner. 

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