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Fans Disappointed With Walking Dead Season 6 Finale (Spoilers)

The most anticipated season finale of Walking Dead History hit the air Sunday night and it was the most explosive episode ever! There was action, drama, comedy and pee-pee your pants moments. So why were fans disappointed with The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale?

Cliffhanger — that’s why, which I don’t understand. Why would #TWD fans expect the show to show us just who Negan kills? That’s dumb! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s Recap:

Okay so Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne left Alexandria because Daryl wants to find Dwight and pay him back for Denise’s death. He felt guilty for not killing Dwight in the first place. Daryl ends up getting shot last episode, we don’t know at this point if he’s okay and hear the infamous whistle of Negan’s crew. 

Carol also leaves town, too tired to fight anymore. She is done. Rick and Morgan head off to find her, and when they run into trouble, Morgan sends Rick back, telling him he will find Carol, which was a good thing because Maggie starts to have cramping and pain related to the baby.

On The Road

Rick and the group run into trouble. Negan’s men have set up road block after road block to stop them from getting Maggie to Hilltop and the doctor, and Maggie grows worse and worse.

Carol gets shot by one of Negan’s men, but Morgan saves her, only to discover she doesn’t want to go back, can’t because she can’t kill anymore and doesn’t want to kill anymore. Morgan runs into the man from the barn dressed in Knights gear. I believe this is our first look at the Kingdom colony from the comics, as they offer to help Carol. 


Rick and the group feel and impending sense of doom when they keep coming up against Negan’s road blocks. They finally run into a band of Walkers, chained together. That’s when they see one Walker has Michonne’s hair attached to it. The other has Daryl’s bows stuck in it. 

The group decides to go on foot. Eugene takes the RV to trick the Saviors. But as Rick and the rest carry Maggie through the woods, they hear whistling…


Negan makes his introduction, stepping out of the RV, a bat over his shoulder covered in barb wire. He goes head to head with Rick’s group where the gang is all together. Rick, Carl, Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, Aaron, Sasha, Eugene all on their knees in front of the man who is about to change their lives forever.

A Peek Inside




Twitter lit up with its reactions on the season finale, many fans disappointed with the cliffhanger, wanting to know just who did Negan kill? Many fans saying (wait for it) they won’t watch the show again (bahahahahahahah) I know right. Like AMC cares because they know we will watch. Why? It’s the best damn show on television!

So why are fans so angry? Well, let’s see…

  • AMC is famous for not being able to keep things under wraps, meaning it’s gonna get leaked who Negan killed before the opening of season 7
  • Fans were guaranteed to watch season 7 opener so why do a cliffhanger? Why not introduce Lucille and let fans mourn all summer long instead of inducing a growing hate on for the show?
  • The build up that someone was going to die was apparent, even on Talking Dead it was discussed and so fans feel like it was a big let down.

What did I think?


I think AMC is brilliant. I think the show did not let fans down. I think fans need to respect and give appreciation for the time and effort it takes to put this show together for us, and The Walking Dead has always been known for having spectacular season openers. 

I’m also glad they did not show us who Negan killed, because now the suspense can last all summer and the season can start off with a bang. If they had shown us, I don’t think the opener of 7 would have carried on the anger and suspense the show is trying to create. Here’s what I liked the most.

  • Love the scene between Abraham and Eugene saying goodbye as Eugene is the one who takes the RV out to try to trick the Saviors
  • Rick being brought to his knees was scary.
  • Love the suspense and build up as Rick’s group hits each road block, it grows and you begin to realize Rick is in way over his head. He was even cocky at the start of the show saying tell Negan I got a deal for him.
  • We get to see Rick Grimes really scared for the first time since he woke up season one in the hospital, and realize he is not invincible and neither is his group.
  • Negan (played by Jeffery Dean Morgan) is going to be an incredible character you will both love and hate, and we haven’t seen nothing yet! 
  • Love the psychological torture Negan’s group puts Rick and his group through, not just with the road blocks, but the whistling, the clues left on the zombies, killing a man, all so Negan can show Rick he has a lot more firepower and presence than Rick thought

All in all, I was totally happy with the episode and season finale of Last Day on Earth. I think the show did a great job building us up. Would have been cool to see who died? Yes, it would have but I can’t wait to find out! 

What did you think of the season finale of The Walking Dead?

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