Familiar Scents Bring Back Memories: #YesitsPinesol

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.

It funny what the brain can trigger from a familiar smell rising up in the air around you. A flashback to a happy time in your life, a distant memory you had maybe forgotten about as a child.

Our sense of smell is connected to our body in such a unique way, that sometimes it can be a door to the past. A smell can trigger hunger, sadness, anger, a wide variety of emotions we don’t even realize all from just take a simple whiff!

As you may know, our sense of smell is one of our senses most closely connected with memory.  “A number of behavioral studies have demonstrated that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of “being brought back in time than images” states an article in Psychology Today.

Take the smell of Pine-Sol for instance. Growing up my mother and Nana used it to clean just about everything from the bathroom to the kitchen, our entire house smelled simply fresh.

Today that smell reminds me of Christmas. The scent of pine oil filling my house as mom and dad took us tree shopping. My brothers and I would run around, the lights hanging high above the trees, as we touched all the branches to feel which tree was fresher than the next, drinking hot chocolate before deciding on just the right one.

On the drive home, we would sing Christmas carols, our tree tacked to the roof of the car. Dad would bring it inside (back when live trees were allowed in the house) falling needles creating a path to the spot near the sundeck doors where the tree would rest during the holiday season, while we strung popcorn, hung ornaments we made back in kindergarten that mom still kept in a box under the stairs.

Each morning after I would wake to mom watering the tree, its scent fresh pine lingering in the air throughout the entire house. It was like the forest had been brought home.

To this day the smell of Pine-Sol triggers that memory for me. Just as the smell of baked apple pie with cinnamon reminds me of my Nana’s house when we used to visit her.

Or the smell of Lavender in the air as mom soaked in the tub filled with bubbles.

Now it’s my turn with my own children, and they have their own scent-to-memories that are much different than mine were. Such as the smell of chocolate chip cookies baked fresh in the oven, homemade mac and cheese on Sundays, and whiskey melts burning in the dragonfly candle holder with a hint of caramel.

And yes of course, Pine-Sol. Only I have a variety of scents to choose from.

Pine-Sol® now offers its powerful Multi-Surface Cleaner in calming Lavender, energizing Mandarin, uplifting Lemon Fresh, and inspiring Spring Blossom, a delightful bouquet of magnolia, jasmine, and orange blossom fragrances, and of course its Original scent of (Pine) I grew up knowing and loving.

What familiar scents bring back some of your favorite memories?