Enjoy New Teletubbie Toys This Holiday Season

When my youngest son was two years old he was so into the Teletubbies. I have to admit as a parent, they kinda scared the pants off me. Tinky, Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po were freaky little creatures that didn’t speak english but were always having fun, learning and playing. And my son was in love with them. So much so that on Halloween he dressed up as Po. He was adorable. 


Over the years we seemed to lose track of the Teletubbies as new shows came on Nick Jr and other kids channels we watched. But now the Teletubbies are back! Not only are the Teletubbies newly modernized with hot new episodes for kids to enjoy featuring the iconic Sun Baby, the Noo Noo and so much more. But you can now enjoy each of the characters for the holiday season.

unnamedTeletubbies 6″ Super Soft Plush

Children will love the 6″ Super Soft Plush Teletubby, which is the perfect toy for playtime, naptime and bedtime! Children can collect all four delightful Teletubbies, or cuddle with their favourite whenever they please.

unnamed-1Teletubbies 8″ Talking Plush Toy

Made from the same super soft plush material is the 8″ Talking Teletubbies toy. With speech and sound effects, children can now spend time with the Teletubbies whenever they want! Available in each character, playing with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po just got that much easier!


10″ Lullaby Laa Laa

The perfect bedtime companion, the 10″ Lullaby Laa Laa helps ease children into a peaceful sleep. Children can set how long their plush friend will sing to them with a built-in switch, while a soft night-light show plays from her tummy.

talking-po10″ Tickle & Giggle Po

Children alike will love to play with the 10″ Tickle and Giggle Po! Just like her on-screen persona, this cuddly cutie loves to laugh! The more you tickle her tummy, the more she’s going to giggle.



The Teletubbies can be seen on Nick Jr. Watch a Preview Below.


If you want to enjoy the Teletubbies this holiday season and know someone who would love one of these great toys. Head to your local Walmart, Toys R Us, Superstore or anywhere that sells name brand toys. Cost of the toys may vary.

The Lullaby Laa-Laa is my favorite toy out of the bunch. Press the tummy once and Laa-Laa sings for 5 minutes. Press it twice for 10 min, and three times for 15 minutes. Press it 4 times and you get 20 minutes of Laa-Laa singing. Press and hold the tummy to just enjoy the movable night light on the ceiling and wall. 

Which Teletubbies character is your favorite?

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