Renew Life’s 30 Health Day Challenge

It’s hard to imagine another year is coming to end. With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve been thinking lately about my health.  I turned 44 this year, and it was hard.

My body isn’t the same as it once was. Over the past year, I battled cervical cancer, surgery, illnesses, back pain like I’ve never experienced, and I realize that making healthier choices is something I need to pay more attention to.

One thing that I’ve been focused on is my digestive system. It’s something we don’t always think about. How the foods we eat affect us and how the bacteria in our bodies is something we need to pay attention to. That’s why I take Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora 50 Billion Probiotics. 

Why Probiotics Are Important To Digest Health

Did you know there are 500 different types of bacteria in our digestive system? Two of the most prevalent are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium (good bacteria) that help to keep the body regular and happy.

You may think you don’t need a probiotic but you do. I thought the same thing until I noticed how icky I always felt after eating. I felt bloated and gassy. My digestive system seemed lethargic and I had less energy. Ultimate Flora helps support my immune system, balances my intestinal environment and inhibits the growth of pathogenic organisms (bad bacteria) and fungi in my body.

All you need to help get you started are some simple and easy tools to help your body fight against cold and illnesses, and help your digestive system run much smoother.

I started my challenge with a bottle of Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 billion probiotics, The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel which gave me some inspiration to try some new foods and recipes and the Leaf Fitness Tracker for women by Bellabeat to help keep track of my goals.

Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotics has helped me in so many ways.

  • I have less gas and bloating after I eat
  • My stomach problems improved after 1 week of using Ultimate Flora
  • I have a healthier digestive tract
  • My immune system has improved immensely.
  • I have more energy throughout the day
  • A better overall balance of my body’s running system.

Here are some tips to help you from Dr. Sara Celik for your own Challenge which I followed. This some great advice I never would have even thought of, aside from just taking probiotics there is so much you can do to help achieve a healthier balance to your life.

  • Every morning, prepare ginger tea with freshly grated ginger and hot water. Ginger tea aids digestion and increases nutrient absorption.

  • Take 10 deep belly breaths before starting your day. This will help your body relax and can make you feel more grounded.

  • Add fiber to every breakfast (e.g. chia seeds, flax seeds, oatmeal, or fruit), or opt for a daily fiber supplement. Renew Life’s Organic Clear Fibre tastes like water and acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are food for probiotic bacteria and can help improve digestive health.

  • Consider a daily probiotic supplement (with 50 billion active bacterial cultures) to support healthier digestion and re-balance your gut flora. Probiotics may produce B vitamins, such as vitamin B12, which can help boost energy levels. Recent evidence suggests the change in gut flora while taking a probiotic can happen in just 3-4 days.

  • Get in 30 minutes of fitness and use your Bellabeat fitness tracker to monitor steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered.

  • Take a power walk as soon as you are finished lunch or dinner. Movement after a meal may help with digestion and can lead to better weight loss results. One study showed that walking at a brisk speed for 30 minutes immediately after lunch and dinner leads to more weight loss than does walking for 30 minutes beginning one hour after a meal.

  • Pick one day a week (e.g. Sunday) for meal prepping. If you are leading a busy lifestyle, it’s a good idea to plan your healthy meals in advance. The cookbook that you receive is filled with delicious, tasty recipes that are good for your gut.

  • Track your stress levels throughout the day with the LEAF app. The app will monitor your breathing rate and provide breathing exercises to help you de-stress.

  • Rub 2 drops of lavender oil on your temples to help calm your mind and relax before bed.

  • Smile each day, express gratitude, and celebrate your healthy journey

Here is to Happier Health!