Being An Empath Is One of the Hardest things To Deal With

I’ve heard it most of my life. “Wow. You are so easy to talk to.” and “I can’t believe I’m just telling you this story.” or “I don’t normally cry this but you’ve hit on my emotions in a way nobody else has.”

I had no idea what it meant to be an empath until about five years ago when I heard the word. All my life I’ve had the ability to just know things, to be able to pull strong emotions from people often surprising them. But what exactly is an empath?

There are many traits of an empath. Here are just a few. Of course, we all have degrees of these traits, but a person who is an empath carries all of these traits tenfold. This is me in a nutshell.

Empaths are truly gifted people in many ways. … It is a rare gift that makes them what they are – empaths. They sense the feelings of others as their own which makes them great listeners and trouble-solvers. Empaths have one rare trait that makes them even more powerful – these people are experts in human psychology.

Though I’m considered a sensitive and loving person, I’m also a lazy healer because I don’t often take care of myself before others. Those who know me and are reading this might be saying “Holy cow!” now she makes sense. LOL 

Knowing: An Empath knows without being told what a person is feeling or thinking. This goes beyond having intuition or gut feeling though that is what it feels like. I often know what others are feeling and have even made people cry because of it. Not something I strive to do, but I can’t help but pull it out of them because of what I’m feeling. 

Overwhelming: Public places can be very overwhelming for empaths. I have a hard time at shopping malls, supermarkets, concerts, depending on the day and how much I can block out. With so many people around it can fill an empath with turbulent emotions that come off of others, causing my moods to switch up immediately. 

Feelings: Feeling strong emotions from others is the center of being an empath. It’s one of the biggest parts. I can feel emotions from others so deep and so strong that they can over-shadow my own feelings. Even people from far away, while talking on the phone, I know what they are feeling. They are often surprised. The more in-tune an empath is with their emotions sometimes the harder it can be. 

Lying: Honest is vastly important to an empath. It’s funny people’s reactions when I know they are lying, and believe me, I know. It’s painful actually because being honest in this life is so very important. I sometimes feel a switch of moods when a person lies to me because I need to the truth in order to feel balanced. 

Violence: Empaths have a difficult time watching violence or seeing tragedy. It can lead an empath to cry outright. I don’t watch the news. I cant. I have a hard time watching extreme violence and often break down in tears feeling the overwhelming emotions often from victims suffering. I have to be careful about what I watch and read. 

Dumping Ground: Empaths can end up doormats if they aren’t careful. Often others dump their problems, even strangers without knowing why on an empath. Sometimes I have to block out others to keep myself balanced and sane without taking on everyone’s feelings. 

Constantly tired & Health Issues: Digestive disorders and lower back problems are a norm for empaths as is keeping on weight without even over-eating.  The solar plexus chakra is considered the center of your abdomen and it’s known as the seat of your feelings. This is where an empath feels it most.  I get tired often. If I’m around someone completely drawing from me like an emotional vampire, not even sleep can help. It can be very difficult. 

Inner Spirituality: Empaths are creative. They often writers, artists, singers, dancers. They love nature, plants, and animals and feel a strong pull toward being near a body of water. Pets play an important role in their life and they become extremely close to their animals. They also have an opposite need for solitude. Without quiet space, an empath wears down. I can even begin to tell you how much of these traits are a part of me. 

Whether you are an empath or not. It’s important to take care of you. Not to take on too much from others. Always provide yourself with time for both yourself and your family. 

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