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7 Back to school Make-up Tips Inspired By Elizabeth Arden

by Jodi Shaw

There is nothing like fresh colors to kick off the school year and Elizabeth Arden wants you to look and feel your best, but wearing make-up is more than just choosing the right colors for your skin tone. Taking care of your skin is equally as important. So here are some 2016 Back to School Tips Inspired by Elizabeth Arden.

#1. Moisturize

It’s important to keep your face moisturized at all time no matter what make-up you decide to wear. Our recommendation is the Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant which protects your skin from all the elements including what’s on your face. Price: $22.00

#2. Foundation

A good foundation helps to prep your face and protect it before you put your make-up on. We recommend Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 15 because it’s perfect for all skin types. It’s breathable and we love how long it lasts – 24 hours of coverage that soft on the skin. Price: $38.50

 #3. A Little Color is Okay

Teens can get bolder this year with colorful lipsticks that last all day long. Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisture Lipstick in Matte Shades is very cool. It doesn’t bleed and keeps your lips moisturized for up to 12 hours. Having a good lipstick keeps your lips in shape, soft and supple without cracking or bleeding. Price: $25.00

#4. Look For More Lipstick Choices

Elizabeth Arden Color Bold Liquid Lipstick is another great choice. It is high impact lip color provides the coverage and intensity of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. Rich emollients leave lips feeling luxuriously moisturized and comfortable. Long-lasting. Does not feather or bleed, and it’s absolutely my favorite by far. Price: $22.00

#5. Bronzing

It’s the hottest thing going right now. Bronzer, highlighters, anything to help make your skin and tone stand out so you look your best. Sunset Bronze Prismatic Bronzing Powder  Price: $40.00 adds a sun-kissed glow and shimmery finish to help your skin appear radiant, healthy and fresh looking all day long!

#6. Accentuate Your Eyes Naturally

A smoky dark eye is great for going out clubbing or to dinner. But not great if you are a teen or want your make-up to appear natural and healthy looking. We absolutely love Sunset Bronze Prismatic Eyeshadow Palette  Price: $42.00 adding soft pink, amber in gold, taupe-plum and rich purple to highlight which you can blend into a radiant and natural look.

#7. Clean it Up

Finally, it’s important not to forget to wash your face and cleanse it after wearing your make-up all day. Even if it rubs off during the day, cleaning your face with a great remover makes all the difference in the world to keeping your skin fresh and clean. We recommend Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover  Price: $18.00

So there you have just a few tips inspired by Elizabeth Arden on what you need and why and some brilliant and bold colors to try out. Take a moment to share this post with your friends and tell us in the comments below which product you’d love to try and why.

Are you back to school makeup ready? 

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Debbie White Beattie September 2, 2016 - 12:08 am

Elizabeth Arden really has some of the best products on the market and you can really tell the difference when it’s on your face.


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