Valentine’s Day Crafts & DIY Gifts

I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I don’t think you need one day to say (I love you) to someone. But I do like creating crafts during any holiday and Valentines Crafts are just fun, along with some easy DIY gifts you guys will enjoy. Here is a round-up of some of my favorites that I’m sure you will love!

classroom valentines

Photo from NoBiggie

Valentine’s DIY Goodie Bags

This one is fun. 25 creative classroom ideas to help make Valentines special for the kids. These ideas are so adroable and will have the kids being the talk of the school when they do these up to hand out to their classmates.


Photo from StowAndTell

Valentine’s Decor

I can see this being used as a decoration in any home. I love the contrast between red and white stones. I think it’s classic looking. Stow and Tell does a good job with their tutorial and the best part is the supplies cost next to nothing.


Photo from  Tried & True

Valentine’s Day Wreath

I never thought of making a Valentine wreath for the holiday. This one is easy using dollarstore supplies with heart-shaped boxes. I love how decorative this looks. It would make a cute door hanger for a little girl’s room, too.


Photo from Stretching A Buckle

Valentine’s Day Jar

I use this idea all year round and change the insert with whatever season fits. I love it for Valentines with the straw balls and twine mixed with glittered hearts to give your house a little seasonal pop.


Photo from Mason Jar Love

Valentine’s Mason Jar Love

I love using mason jars for DIY crafts. You can do so many things with them. This Valentine mason jar would make the perfect gift for your child’s teacher or for a friend. It is easy to create something wonderful out of nothing.


Photo from No Biggie

Valentine’s Day DIY Photo

I can see making this for my husband because he is super romantic. No Biggie hits the nail on the head with this uniqDIYdiy printed gift. I love the newspaper style tree that is super cool and the heart shapes hanging from it.


Photo from The Gunny Sack

Strawberry Scrub for Valentine’s

Okay moms who says we can’t make a Valentine’s Day gift for ourselves? This strawberry sugar scrub from The Gunny Sack is a quick and easy recipe anyone can follow. You don’t actually eat it though it looks good enough, and it smells divine.


Photo from  Mom4Real

Bath Balm Buddies

The most adorable and totally have-to-make, and perfect for Valentines Day. Bath Buddies are super cute. They are made using EOS llip balms and make the sweetest and most usable gift for your girlfriends, teacher, mom, sister or even for yourself if you want one. I know I would!

There you have it. A list of some super cute, super easy and super special Valentines Day crafts you can have fun making to give to that special person in your life. Let me know if you tried out any of these and how they turned out. I’d love to hear about it.

What do you love most about Valentine’s Day?

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Crafts & DIY Gifts”

  1. I really like the Valentine wreath made with dollar store heart shaped boxes, I will be making this with the grand-kids! Thanks!

  2. I love these ideas! the Valentines Day Wreath is my favorite. Something I can do up with my girls this week! love it

  3. The “I dig you” it’s an excellent gift if you want to somehow let a girl know that you are interested in her. And I do like tha Valentine’s Frugal decor made by Stretching a Buckle, I already imagine how add them, some candles, red light… 😀

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