Easter Bunny Alternatives for Kids Other than Chocolate & Candy

Every year the Easter bunny comes to our house, and each year I cringe because the holiday is usually surrounding chocolate and goodies and things that my kids just don’t need. If you are like me, looking for alternatives isn’t always easy but there are some great presents you can pick up within your budget to avoid that sweet tooth and tooth decay before the bunny hops to your house.


girls t-shirts boysKids love clothes, and with Easter brings spring weather which for us means shorts and t-shirts. Walmart has a variety of styles and sizes to choose from for girls or boys Easter outfits. Right now they have licensed t-shirts for girls and boys for under 8 bucks. I know my son would love to find a t-shirt or two in his Easter basket with his favorite character on it.



Toys are always a big hit in our house at Easter. A toy you can play with and it’s better than chocolate because it lasts longer. You can find your favorite toys for your kids at places like Walmart or Superstore, or even head to the dollar store and pick up some spring toys, beach buckets, frisbees, puzzles, arts and crafts and so much more to help fill your Easter baskets.

Video Games

video gamesInstead of chocolate video games and movies are another big hit for Easter. We love EB Games because we can take old games the boys aren’t playing anymore and trade them in for new ones. Games are reasonably priced and for two bucks you can get insurance on your games for up to 2 years protecting them in case they don’t work. It’s a win win for everyone. 

Movies / Netflix Subscription


We are huge Netflix fans in our house. Each year I get my son a Netflix subscription for Easter. Netflix has a variety of shows for kids that are educational, fun and entertaining. He loves that he has what he thinks is his own subscription and of course you can create your child’s profile so they can only watch what you want them to watch. It helps make rainy days go by much faster and is Easter bunny approved.



My son loves being crafty, so for Easter there is always something Crayola in his basket. It allows him to draw, colors, create and use his imagination plus it’s something we can do together that’s fun. Just another idea for a goody treat.

No matter what you put in your kids Easter basket this year, make sure it’s fun, educational, imaginative and something they will enjoy. Remember it doesn’t always have to be chocolates. Kids love a variety of presents and I hope these ideas helped.

Happy Easter!  

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