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15 Reasons Why People Enjoy Taking Online Surveys

Everyone loves taking a survey, let’s face it we do. With i-Say you can share your opinion on what really matters. I signed up with i-Say and it was quick and easy. Set up was a cinch. It took less than 8 minutes before I was already completing my first survey for reward points.The rewards points can be redeemed for some some pretty cool prizes. Now who doesn’t love free stuff?

reasons to take online surveys i-say

1. Surveys are just fun.

2. Your opinion matters.

3. You can change how a brand does things.

4. You can give important feedback for your demographic.

5. You can help others with your input.

6. You can win rewards and prizes for your efforts.

7. You can have your own opinions and voices heard.

8. You can shape and influence decision makers.

9. You can redeem points earned for what you desire.

10. You can teach kids that speaking out means empowerment.

11. Surveys can be relaxing.

12. You can learn a lot by the questions being asked.

13. You can share your results online.

14. You can become part of a community.

15. You can share your opinion on a variety of topics.


What can you earn when you complete these surveys? Each survey that you complete gives you points that you can then redeem for some pretty cool prizes. Some surveys are short and can earn you 50 points, while others a bit longer for more points. Either way you rack up points quite quickly. 

I love that idea. I can trade in my points for gift cards to a variety of different retailers. Ipsos i-Say is the type of reward program that many of us are used to. I also love the specialty games you can qualify to play after taking a survey for instant point wins. They are tons of fun! 

You don’t need a computer to participate or share your influence toward Global Brands, Entertainment and advertisements. You can use your smartphone or tablet to join in the fun and take surveys. So grab your coffee, relax in your pj’s and take surveys and earn rewards with i-Say

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