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I have a confession to make. I love gift shops!  No matter where I go, whether it’s to a hotel boutique, in the city or out in the country, I love stopping by small, unique and eclectic shops that offer a variety of speciality items for me to wander around and peruse and buy. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something magical about specialty shops or general stores that take me back to a simpler time where items aren’t a dime a dozen and most things are hand-made.   Today I’m going to introduce you to such a shop — The Drake General Store!

Drake General Store est. 2008 Offers a unique shopping experience and has something for everyone!

It began at the infamous Drake Hotel in Toronto, a simple boutique gift shop that took off with its unique gift items and has become a flourishing shop with detailed items for men, women and kids that are surprising affordable, crafty, handmade products created by some of the best Canadian companies.  Drake General Store!

[stextbox id=”custom”]Since opening our doors in 2008, we’ve played with the notion of taking the traditional hotel gift shop and re-imagining it in a contemporary and varied urban context. By capturing inspiration from the classic general store, the museum shop and the flea market stand, we’ve worked really hard to create unique destinations for classic and modern goods and goodies. Each of our stores are filled with a sense of whimsy and nostalgia, which caters to the sensible and the not so sensible; travelers and neighbours alike. [/stextbox]

I was lucky enough to be chosen to received some classic items from The Drake General Store to sample and I could barely contain my excitement when they arrived. In my goodie box I received a SOMA Chocolate Bar, made right in Toronto. These are not just your run of the mill chocolate bars and are sold exclusively at Drake. Mine was Dark Chocolate Toasted Corn Nuts Toffee, Salt and Pepper and OHMYGOSH! It was absolutely divine and lasted all of about five minutes between hubby and I.  No sad faces though because I can order these babies online!

I also received two items a busy mom cannot live without.  The Staycation sampler filled with practical and pampering goodies like lip balm, cooling gel and hand sanitizer — perfect for my purse on the go with my kidlets. And A Chocolate Bar Note Pad, perfect for jotting down those notes on the go when you need to remember something.


I love things that are handmade, so I was delightfully surprised to receive not one but two bars of locally designed soaps. Shared History Soaps have an amazing scent. The Grapefruit is my favorite!

Do you love to cook? Well this is something very cool and something every cook who uses their iPad in the kitchen needs.  The iSpoon made by one of the greatest Canadian companies Umbra.  No more mess while cooking or looking at recipes, this handy little wooden spoon has a rubber tip to help use your iPad so you don’t get it dirty. What a great gift idea for all the cooks you know and love!

And if you are into cooking, which I’m starting to enjoy as of late. There’s a Vancouver based company (from my neck of the woods) Sugo Sauce.  Rich, homemade Italian classic pasta sauce that is incredible with spices and rich in flavor!

Exciting News!

The Drake General Store literally is unique and has items that are full of curiosities. It reminds me a little of Diagone Alley from Harry Potter, The Swap Meet and an Antique Store all rolled into one. It’s special and filled with items for Canadians made by Canadians, which is a huge bonus in my proud Canucks BOOK!

Here’s a few more unique items you can find at The Drake General Store for You!


So if you are looking for unique gift items from Canadian artists and companies, look no further. You can order at the Drake General Store online. Right now Drake is offering a big Savings on shipping with a $10 flat rate for items you buy online. For more information visit Drake online today!

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  1. Everything Mom and B July 10, 2013 at 1:46 am

    very cool. i actually live not too far from there and rarely go in. with the product you featured and as a mom i'll pop in now 🙂

  2. Kelly @ City Mom July 9, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Jodi I love Drake General store too! I also received some unique items and just loved them!


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