I Can’t Wait To See Disney’s Beauty & The Beast

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Beauty and the Beast is an upcoming live-action fantasy movie and is listed as a remake to the 1991 animated film of the movie under the same name. 



The movie stars Emma Watson as (Belle) and Dan Stevens as the (Beast) and the ever popular Luke Evans as Gaston. We think Emma is the perfect Belle for the movie. What do you think?


The cast and crew became close on the set of the movie and seemed to have a ton of laughs while filming.



The movie also stars Emma Thompson as (Mrs. Pots), Audra Anne McDonald as the (Wardrobe) whose known for her role in Private Practice, and Ian McKellen (X-Men and LOTR) is excited to be playing Cogsworth. We kinda love him!


This movie is not going to be like Maleficent or other Disney remakes (animation to real life) as we call it. It’s going to have singing in it because Beauty and the Beast without music is like peanut butter without jam.


Guess whose playing Lumiere? That’s right one of our favorite Scotsman and OBI-Wan, Ewan McGregor. He’s perfect for the role! 

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There is an all-star cast in this movie Beauty and the Beast which comes out in 2017 and we cannot wait. Everyone wanted on board. We understand why. We’re predicting this is going to be one of Disney’s highest grossing films.

One of the most anticipated movies ever. I think Disney did an incredible job casting. I cannot wait to see the movie. How about you?

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