Do You Think Condoms Should Be Available In Middle School?

This topic has been coming up more and more. It’s in the news, online, and several schools are even implementing the practice of making condoms available to students as young as 12 years old, with the hopes to educate them on safe sex and proper usage of contraceptives.

What do you think about that? 

I don’t know why it happens.  We grow up and have kids and we (as parents) seem to forget all the things we did or said or even tried at different ages and stages in our lives. It’s like we’ve become oblivious to the things we think we know about our children. 

Kids Know and Do More than we Think …

I remember friends of mine having sex as young as twelve and thirteen years old.  Some of my girlfriends were already on birth control.

I was abnormal and even got teased because by 18 years old I still hadn’t had sex yet.  Sex was the cool thing to do, and if you weren’t having sex, then something was wrong with you. 

Nowadays with the Internet and everything online, kids on Facebook, going to raves and parties, doing drugs like meth which is being handed out like pop rock candy. It’s no wonder practicing safe sex is the least of their worries.

But it is a worry, which is why I believe that educating our kids on sex and sexual activity is important. This includes the proper use and ability to get their hands on contraceptives.

Some people say twelve is too young. Kids should not have access to condoms because it promotes sex. Do you agree or disagree?

I disagree of course. I think it’s a great idea to promote sex in the safest and most positive way, especially at the age of twelve. Young people need to know this information. We aren’t protecting them as parents by assuming the less they know the less likely they are to go out and do all the things that scare us out of our wits. 

That’s just a joke. 

I would not be against my child having access to condoms in school.  I think it’s good to promote and prevent youth pregnancies, std’s and aids. I do agree it’s our job as parents to educate our own children.  In a perfect world that makes sense. But not all parents, in all families, have open communication about such matters.

The truth is our kids are going to do what they want, no matter how we talk to them, or how much we prepare them. That’s the shitty thing about being a parent. We only have so much control, and all we can do is hope that our guidance and love and support doesn’t go unnoticed when it comes to our children making informed and intelligent decisions.

Let’s face it. When it comes to matters of the heart and sex sometimes impulse takes over.  So isn’t it better our kids are prepared and safe then unprepared and ruining their lives and the lives of others involved by making rash decisions because we as parents are too scared for them to learn about something they probably already know about.

What do you think? Do you think condoms should be available in middle school?

2 thoughts on “Do You Think Condoms Should Be Available In Middle School?”

  1. Hi Jodi. Great post and good for you for tackling the topic!

    I tend to agree with you. I know that if a person (kid or not) wants to have sex they will. These are our animal instincts and while we may think 12 and 13 is far too young, it's a fact that some are going to want to.

    I am not one to act in denial in hopes that my ignorance will prevent something like sex. I believe it's non debatable that we should be educating our children at an early age.

    We believe in our household that if she's old enough to ask the question, she's old enough to hear an age appropriate answer. This has been this way since day one and I hope that builds a strong comfort level and trust foundation so that when she is older she will feel comfortable to ask questions when needed.

    I don't believe that having condoms in schools causes the kids to have sex earlier. We'd be naive to think that is all it takes.

    1. I love your approach Kelly, if they are old enough to ask the question …. that's awesome! Thanks for the comments. That Gluten Free Soup looks amazing, too 🙂

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