DIY Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Dining Table

I love anything rustic or farmhouse looking. Anything with reclaimed wood or wrought iron. Warm and inviting, I knew that I wanted our new apartment to reflect ‘Joy’ in our living space, and since moving I had acquired many pieces to showcase love in my home. What I needed was a dining table.  I realized I couldn’t afford the prices many stores and even local vendors were asking upwards of $800 bucks and counting. Too stiff for my wallet. So I decided to try to find a hack or a project where I could DIY a Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Dining table myself. 

Guess what? I found one. 

This table hack comes from an amazing blogger A New Bloom and I thank her for saving my pocket as well as my life and for giving me my dream table. Thanks, lady. So be sure to show her some love on her post. 



Total Project Cost = $104.77

The Rundown

The first step is to get your wood. We went to Home Depot (Canada) and laid our pieces out on the floor to make sure they were flat and level. I chose pieces with knots and imperfections because I wanted my table to look authentic and natural. Once you do that, take them to the back to have them cut.

Note: Home Depot Canada gives you 3 cuts for free which is perfect. Make sure though after each board is cut,  you will have six, line them up on the floor to make sure the ends match up. Our guy screwed up one board and had to redo it. Had we not checked I would have had to use a hand saw at home. Save yourself the effort. 

After you have your six boards, you get your long strip cut into 3 even pieces. These are the pieces you will use to attach to the bottom of your table with the wood screws to hold the boards in place (shown below). You can use a wood clamp if you don’t have help holding the boards together. Hubby and I make a great team! 

Now can you believe the hard part is over. We placed our screws about an inch and half apart probably adding more than necessary but I didn’t want the boards to fall apart and wanted them to stay together. Extra is better. On to staining. 

I splurged and bought staining rags. You can use old t-shirts or other rags you have on hand. I wanted rags that wouldn’t leave anything fluffy on the wood. Before I stained, I used a 180 grit block sander and gave the table a rough sand by hand, smoothing out pieces here and there, mostly the edges so nobody would get any slivers. 

Note: You can choose to use an orbital sander. I did not. I wanted to be able to feel the knots and wood imperfections while running my hand over the table, as though I was touching tree bark. That’s just me. I don’t like reclaimed wood that’s all smooth and shiny. 

We chose to use Minwax (dark walnut) wood finish stain to match our living room coffee table and fireplace. I love the dark colors. But you can chose any stain you wish for your table. From Oak to grey, beige, light wood, provincial and more. Minwax is truly the best. 

I did this job inside my apartment with no mask and the sundeck door open. There was very little in fumes. I used the paint brush to brush the stain on and the rag to blend it into the wood. I love how the stain picked up dark and light areas where the natural knots and imperfections were. It’s not perfect. It’s not supposed to be. 

Note: I sanded in between coats of stain (doing 2 coats) before allowing it to dry and using the Minwax Semi-gloss to which I used 3 coats. Again I didn’t want the table all shiny, but protected while eating. 

Almost Done

Once the table is dry and ready, you can attach the trestle legs from Ikea. They were super easy to put together. Now you will find out like I did, there is no way to attach the table legs. So you have two options. One is to rest the table on top of the legs, which we currently did in the beginning. It was stable enough for us to eat on if you aren’t moving it.

The second option is to drill holes and use the same wood screws you used for the table to attach the legs to the pieces of wood used to hold the table together. That’s what we did and now the table is completely secure. Then all you need to do is to add some chairs and bam! You have yourself a rustic farmhouse reclaimed wood dining table.

I picked up these chairs from Craig’s List for $30 bucks for four chairs. I love how retro and vintage they are, yet kinda modern looking. So super comfy. Plus the price was right, and they are easy to clean with the kids. 

I am so extremely happy with how the table turned out. It adds warmth to our dining room. We picked up some metal stools from ikea for extra seating on the ends since the table can accommodate up to six, even more if you work with it. But overall I think it turned out great. 

Let me know what you think. What’s the latest DIY project you’ve completed in the past year? How did it turn out. Share it with us below so we can take a peek. 

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