DIY Instax Mini Emoticon Photo Frame

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So for anyone who knows me, I’m in love with my Instax Mini 8 Camera by Fujifilm. I also love my Mini 70 as well. Something about being able to take on the spot, ready now, hold in my hands photos like from when I was a kid using mom’s old Polaroid. It warms my heart.

First you need a Fujifilm Instax Camera

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I love my Instax mini 70 and Mini 80 both are unique and rock when it comes to taking photos. The pictures are cute and small and come out wild with colorful exposure that might surprise you. 

Next Take Some Photos

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Here’s a lot of photos I took using Airmail. Yep, Fujifilm Instax has specialized photo frames for taking your photos that prints with some great designs.

You Can Choose What Type of Film You Want. Check These Out! 

My favorite of the lot is Comic and Stained Glass. I love that Fujifilm offers these products and accessories for my camera to punch up taking my photos so I can display them for friends to see.



Head to your local dollar store and pick up what you need to decorate your frame. I got these Emotiocon wooden clips and blue and silver gem stickers. I also grabbed a large canvas board and a ball of twine. The entire purchase came to less than 8 bucks. 

Glue on Your Twine

2016-07-25 21.53.45

Using a hot glue gun (which you can also pick up) at the dollar store. Glue your twine to the back of your canvas and wrap it around the front across the canvas board. The clips just sit on the twine for you to clip on your Instax photos you want to share with others. 

Finished Product

2016-07-30 01.34.39Here is my finished product. I added the gems around the board. Using a black pen I wrote the words Memories across the front and glued on gems along the top and bottom for added pops of bling. What I love is that I can swap out the photos hanging on my wall as I take new ones. 

Cute Smaller Frame Project

photo frame done

Check out this other DIY project to showcase one Instax Photo using an old film cartridge. You can bling it up all you want. 

What do you love about your Instax? 

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