Ikea Hacks: DIY Ikea Occasional Malm Table

I love making things and refinishing furniture and being creative. So when I came up with the idea that I needed something to sit behind my sofa in my living room, the first thing I thought of was an Ikea Malm Occasional Table.

The Ikea Malm Occasional table usually has casters and rolls across a bed. Unfortunately, my Ikea doesn’t stock this table anymore, and even if they did, Ikea’s hefty price of $159 isn’t exactly in my budget. So hubby and I decided to make one. 

I headed down to Spruce Collective downtown Abbotsford to pick up some chalk paint. The color scheme in my house is white, blues, turquoise, mint. So I knew I wanted to get some turquoise to paint the table. I was surprised when I got there to see Spruce doesn’t carry CC Caldwell Chalk paint anymore. Instead, they are using a new line called Debbi’s Design Diary DIY Paint by Heirloom Traditions. 

We headed to Home Depot and purchased the wood. 1 board 2x12x12 and I had them cut the wood to my exact measurements. One board cut 60″ the other two boards cut 29 1/2″ and they did it for FREE! Then I went and picked up the rest of the supplies. Once we came home, I began using the chalk paint. Hubby used the sanding block to get rid of any splintered edges and give the wood just a very rough sand.

Once the wood was dry and complete, we put the white metal L-brackets on. It took all of five minutes to get them on to hold together the three pieces of painted wood.  I opted to choose white brackets with extra reinforcement. They cost me 4 bucks a piece instead of the standard 2 dollars for metal silver ones. These white brackets are also metal but I thought they added a bit of a decorative look to the table. We also decided not to use casters since this table will sit behind the sofa.

The table turned out fantastic! I love it and I picked up the bench seat off bidding wars for thirty dollars. We are going to paint the legs the same color as the table to match. All in all though, I love how this DIY Ikea Malm Occasional Table turned out. 

Now I have a table I can sit at while working on my computer, blogging and watch television. It’s a great side table to use when serving guest that come over or for movie night chips and popcorn. 

The total cost for the wood $20 plus the brackets $16 plus the paint $16 = $60 bucks total to make a table Ikea wants over $100 for. Not bad eh?

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