DIY Gifts To Give To Your Significant Other For Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to believe that Valentines is a week away. Man, time sure flies. I’ve been married for thirteen years now, and it gets harder and harder to find gift ideas to give to the one I love.

I prefer DIY Gifts to give to my husband over store bought. Not that store bought gifts don’t serve their purpose. There is just something more intimate about actually making a gift yourself. Here are the best DIY Gifts to Give to Your Significant Other for Valentine’s Day.

Pinterest is the best spot to search for the best DIY gifts you can make, or gifting ideas you can put together to give to someone you love. I spent hours going through hundreds of great pinnable ideas that are perfect for not only Valentine’s Day but any day of the year.

Romantic Picnic

This is one of my favorite DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day. A romantic picnic (indoors or outdoors) with a bottle of wine or something bubbly. Some type of dessert, flowers, a blanket to cuddle on where you can share great food and conversation with the one you adore.

Gifts of Love

DIY gifts like this 52 Things I love about You from Visual Hearts is one of my favorite gifts. Made with simple playing cards, some glue, modgepodge and a hole punch, you can share one reason for each week why you love the dream man or dream girl of your life.

credit: diymommy

Date Night in A Tin

Gifts in a tin are always practical and fun to make. I did up a whole bunch of these tins over the holidays that were a smashing success. Date in a Tin from the DIY Mommy is creative. She’ll show you everything you need to create a romantic movie night at home.

credit: Glaminati

Tickets of Love

This is creative and fun as a DIY gift to give that I found on Glaminati. Everyone loves scratch n’ win tickets. Add on an adorable saying on how you won when you fell in love and bam! You’ve got a fun gift that could win you a night out on the town.

credit: Glaminati

Dirty Kisses

Here’s another one from Glaminati that is so perfect called Dirty Kisses. Paste on the sweet and not so sweet things you want to share or do to your partner and the enjoy your special time together.

Printable DIY Date Ideas

Last but not least here are 30 more date night ideas from Natural Beach Living, to just give you some more activities to enjoy with the one you love. Many of these ideas have a DIY theme and come from the heart.

No matter what you choose to do on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s to go for a picnic with your loved one to make them a homemade gift they can enjoy forever. Valentine’s is about spending time with the people we love and showing them how we feel. That is the greatest gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s

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