DIY Fujifilm Instax Mini Keepsake Photo Box

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I love making things, especially with my own two hands. DIY projects are just fun. I also love my Fujifilm Instax Camera, however I needed a place to keep my photos so they wouldn’t get damaged. I didn’t want to keep them in album. I wanted to keep them in some place safe where I could pull them out and look at them whenever I wanted. So I decided to make a mini Instax Keepsake Box.

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If you are like me and love your Instax Mini Camera then you have millions of photos just hanging around and have no idea where to put them or how to use them. I did use a few of mine in a DIY photo frame I created for my wall which I love. But I had no idea what to do withe the rest of my photos. Then I decided to create a Keepsake Box.


Let’s Get Started



Paint The Box


You start out by painting your keepsake box. I picked up a brown coated box and decided to paint it white. I love white. It’s crisp and noticeable. I picked up Acrylic Paint which dries quickly in a small tube. All the items I purchased were from the dollar store they didn’t cost a lot.


Decorate Your Box

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Once my box was painted and dry. I used these sticker beads to decorate it in turquoise and white. I love the colors. Then I picked out two photos I love to hot glue to the top. Hot gluing the photos tells me the box is a photo box. The glue gun and stickers cost me a total of 3 bucks from the dollar store. 


Decorate How You Want

I added more beads on each of the four sides of the box for some added bling. I love how it turned it out holding my photos inside. 


Cute Frames From Instax

2016-07-25 07.25.23

What I love about having my Keepsake box is I can pull out my photos to show company or friends. Instax has some amazing new photo frames built in so you can just snap and share. They are pretty cool. They have Airmail, Candy Pop and Comic like the ones showing above. 


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