DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I love my dad. He’s a great human being (most of the time!) LOL.  And this Sunday not only do I get to celebrate the years of fatherhood he put in for me, but to also share it with my hubby — who is a great father.  Finding that perfect gift for your father isn’t always easy, especially if you are like us where money can be a factor but you still want to show dad your appreciation. So here’s some great DIY father’s day gift ideas that your kids can make and create for dad to show him how much you love him. 

Make a teepee with dad, get creative with wood, or swing from a tire. These 7 DIY father’s day gift ideas are a great way to spend time showing dad just how much you care! 


Who says it takes time to shower dad with love?  How about 5 minutes.  I love this great DIY homemade gift idea from Nate & Rachel, it’s exactly what dad will love!


For the dad who is environmentally friendly. We love this handmade tea or coffee cozy from  Kids can do this craft with you and you can pin it shut with a button or some velcro strips.

One of my absolute favorite ideas!  I mean what goes better together than peanut butter and chocolate. Share your love of chocolate with dad and show him you love him to pieces!  Brought to you by


Have the kids tell dad and everyone all about him. Again from this great idea shows dad just what his kids think he loves. The answers will be something dad can cherish forever!



This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve ever seen. Take a photo and create a puzzle on popsicle sticks you can frame for later. Brought to you by

All dads need to tell the time. So why not make dad his own vintage record clock for his home or office.  Step by step tutorial for this DIY can be found at

What gift ideas do you have for dad this father’s day? 


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