How To Create DIY Dollarstore Christmas Ornaments

I love making things. The older I get, the more I’ve come to enjoy creating something out of nothing. This Christmas my hubby and I decided to go back to a traditional country Christmas tree and decor. Not like last year where everything I had was turquoise. Ribbons and ornaments in a wonderful blue. Finding country style ornaments isn’t always easy. Not without breaking the bank. So I thought I would try my  hand at some DIY ornaments this year with help from the dollarstore. 



The first thing I did was head to my local dollarstore here in town and pick up some cheap material. I saw this brown and floral print with a beige offset and white flowers and thought it would be perfect. I grabbed the material, some hot glue, some Styrofoam balls and some twine.


I started out by cutting the material into small squares. Larger ones makes a larger ornament. So I opted for something small. You will use each of these squares to create your ornament. 


Next you want to take your twine and cut a small piece to loop and glue onto the ball to make your hanger. Watch the hot glue it can burn if you’re not careful. You can pick up a hot glue gun and glue from the dollarstore. Criss-cross the twine and glue it down onto the ball. Try to do it along the seam of the ball. 


Next you want to take something sharp or pointy. You can use a pencil or stick. I used my nail dotter tool. Then taking a small square of material wrap it backwards around the tip of the pencil or stick so that the material print is facing outward and hot glue the end of it. Then simply poke it into the ball and hold for a second. Don’t go too deep or you’ll crack the ball. Just a small hole on the surface of the ball is good enough. 


Once it’s glued in, tug a bit to make sure it’s solid but not hard enough to pull it out. Now you just have to cover the entire ball with a zillion more pieces of fabric.

It may seem tedious doing this, but trust me it’s relaxing and fun. I sat on the living room floor and made five of these while drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. 


Once you’re done the entire ball, fluff it up and rub  your hands all over it. It’s okay to have snags of material poking out. That’s the rustic charm. Now you can hang it on your tree.

I get tons of compliments on these ball ornaments and people always ask where did I get them. They are amazed to find out I made them for less than 10 bucks.

More Decorating Tips With The Dollarstore For The Holidays

There are lots of neat decor ideas you can implement into your Christmas decor without breaking the bank or making your stuff look cheap. Here are just a few. 


I picked up a blank canvas and Styrofoam balls from the dollarstore along with stickers. Hot glue the material onto the canvas creating a rustic barn feel backdrop. Create your Christmas trees with your Styrofoam balls. I covered the balls in white Elmer’s glue lightly and then rolled them in silver sparkles. Then used a blue glittery glue pen to create squiggles on them. Then take each ball and glue it onto the canvas in the shape of a Christmas Tree, adding something at the top like a star or twigs. Now you have the perfect holiday canvas which you can either hang on the wall or use a plate stand to show off.

 For less than $25 dollars you can create tons of crafts and home decor holiday ideas using dollarstore supplies. Add some Christmas flowers to a vase and use twine to spruce it up. Throw a couple of ornaments into a tall vase, or add some snow to an empty round vase topping it off with a holiday candle. Whatever you choose to do. The ideas and possibilities are endless! 

Where do you get your holiday decor and craft making inspiration from? 

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