Did You Know Your Sinuses Can Cause A Seizure?

I never would have believed it unless I’d experienced it for myself. There I was sitting on the sofa writing my husband a note to go to the store when suddenly… I lost all control over my writing hand.  Then I couldn’t move my left hand either. My chest didn’t feel tight but tingly and almost as if someone was cutting off some of my air. I felt dazed and confused and then hubby walked into the room.

“Jodi are you alright?”  FD asked. 

He sounded like he was under water when he spoke to me. I stared at him. Instantly tears sprung into my eyes and I realized I couldn’t feel my face. All I could do is stare at my husband, tears rolling down my cheeks.

I felt terrified and I thought. OMG I’m having a stroke. Then my arms and hands started to twitch…

There are a wide variety of possible symptoms of seizures, depending on what parts of the brain are involved. Many, if not all, types of seizures cause loss of awareness and some cause twitching or shaking of the body.

However, some seizures may be hard to notice because they consist of staring spells that can easily go unnoticed. Occasionally, seizures can cause temporary changes in sensation or vision.  

Sinititis can lead to loss of balance, seizures, stress, absess on the brain and even a coma and death if left untreated.

So I was taken to the hospital. I was checked out. I had an MRI and Cat scan and blood work and EEG.  Everything came back normal except the scans which told the doctor I had a seizure (my first ever) and that my sinuses are severely blocked, frontal and left side of my brain.

I had no idea this could happen. I’ve been on a waiting list for like 2 years to see a specialist. Now I have to go see another doctor to see if we can put a rush on seeing the ear, nose and throat specialist.

I’ve had problems with my sinuses since I was kid, as far back as I can remember. When I get a cold, it always lasts a long time. I get worn down easily and it’s always painful.  My sinuses has even led to me having severe Vertigo which just began again several weeks ago.

So be wary. Don’t think you are safe because it can happen to you. If your sinuses are acting up, get in and see a doctor and make sure you take care of yourself.

One thing that has helped me so far is using straight Menthol.  I put a little on a kleenex, thanks to my friend Shirley and sniff it. Using saline as well is helping some.  But for now I’m going to rest up and take it one day at a time. All I know is that it’s pretty scary when you have something happen out of the blue and all because your sinuses are blocked!

Thanks for reading!