Dial Hair Body Wash for Kids Makes Bath Time Fun!

Dial Hair and Body Wash for kids has just been introduced and man am I super glad they did.  Bath time is fun in our house. Monkey is seven and still loves taking a bath. He’s like a fish under water, holding his breath, playing with hot wheels and splashing about. One thing new for Monkey this year is his wanting to wash his own body and hair which is a good thing. He’s old enough now. But Monkey also has SPD and a sensitivity to smells and products that either turn up his nose or make his skin itch horribly.

Dial® Hair and Body Wash Kids Will Just Love!

“Mommy why can’t I have my own stuff?”

It’s a question that comes up often where Monkey is concerned. He sees my Dial Body wash (mmmm strawberry) scent on the edge of the tub and always wants to use it. I am not a sharing kind of mom when it comes to my body wash because I use it religiously. Plus Monkey hates the smell of mine.

I have tried various “kid brand” body washes and some are great. I don’t find they clean as well as they could and have more additives in them than need be. I also haven’t seen a complete hair and body wash all in one for kids and was super excited to try out Dial’s® new product.

What I Love about Dial Hair and Body Wash for Kids…

  • Dial Hair body and body wash is great for kids age 2 and up
  • Dial Hair and body wash helps to keep kids entertained in their own hygiene and grooming (something important) we moms know especially with boys.
  • Having a two in one product makes it easier at shower and bath time, since Kids hate doing so many things to distract from their fun time.
  • Dial Hair and body wash formula was developed by Pediatric Dermatologists so we parents can be at east that we are making the best choice for our child’s skin.  No more itchiness Monkey!
  • Lightly scented and not too overpowering for kids with smell issues like my Monkey.

New Dial® Kids Body + Hair Wash in Berry Cool and Watery Melon are recommended for ages six and up. Bright colours and great “kid-like” fragrances are guaranteed to make bath-time fun! This mild cleansing wash is the coolest shower must-have.

The three deliciously-smelling scents of New Dial® Kids Body + Hair Wash are all hypoallergenic, ph-balanced, contain no artificial dyes or parabens and will be available as of February 2013 at leading mass retailers including Walmart, Loblaws, and Jean Coutu. Suggested retail price of $3.99 (221 mL) each.



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