Taking Risks In Love

O. M. G.” The girl standing behind me at 7 Eleven said, and I turned to look at the guy in line three people back, a grin curving my lips. “He’s so hot!” she said.

He was rather nice looking. Tall, dark and sexy. “They grow them big on the farm,” I replied, taking note of the blue jeans he had on and red flannel shirt that showcased his biceps. She snickered as she whispered something to her girlfriend next to her. 

For the next ten minutes this girl continued to look at the guy behind us. She smiled. She had a beautiful smile. Her eyes lit up and you could tell she was totally into him. 

“He’s not married,” I said. “No ring on his finger. No tan line.” 

“I like how you think,” she told me. Yet she did nothing about it. 

The guy noticed her that was for sure. He kept checking her out, grinning. A few moments later, he finished his transaction and she finished hers, and they left the store going their separate ways. 


I wanted to laugh. Actually truth be told, I wanted to go outside and grab the both of them and yank them back into the store, and tell them how stupid they were for not even exchanging a hello. How hard is it to say hi to someone you find attractive? It’s not really. But the fact neither of them said anything is why so many people are destined to be alone because they don’t take a risk on love.

Top 5 Fast Facts To Hook The Man You Want

#1. Men like a woman who is confident in who she is: So what does that mean? It means open your damn mouth and tell the guy he’s hot, cute, nice-looking. You don’t have to tell him that secretly you want to take him home and lick chocolate pudding off him. Just say, hi!

#2. Men love it when a woman notices their attire: If you like a guy, try telling him how nice his khaki pants look, or how cool his runners are. Guys take pride just as we do in dressing themselves, and just like us – they want a woman to appreciate how they dress.

#3. Stop being afraid of rejection: What is rejection? It’s when someone says ‘no’ to something you want or need. Big deal. It’s not so scary when you realize that the infinite ‘no’ you keep thinking you will get could turn into a ‘yes’ just like that. You’ll never know unless you try.

#4. Don’t be the damsel in distress, but don’t butch yourself out either: Men like to conquer. They like to hunt. They like to feel strong. So make the guy you are interested in feel those things, and you are sure to win his heart. It’s okay to be self-sufficient. We all love being independent, but it’s also okay having someone take care of you and vice versa when you need it most.

#5. Ask for What you Want: Guys are not mind-readers. They honestly aren’t. They don’t have a magic 8 ball up their sleeve to tell them what the hell it is your thinking or feeling. So honesty is the best policy. If you are angry. Say you are angry. If you are hurt. Say you’re hurt. Don’t make the poor guy guess how you’re feeling and then angry when he guesses wrong or doesn’t guess at all. Mind games are best left played between scientists trying to solve the world’s problems. Not people trying to date one another. 

Had the girl at 7 Eleven just turned around and said “Hey, how’s your day going?” Who knows what might have happened. Maybe her and tall, dark and handsome might’ve split a slurpee over some great conversation. Or maybe they would never see one another again.

The point is without the risk there is no rewards. So ladies. Stop waiting for Mr. Right to come along on a white horse with his shield raised. If you want  your white knight, country boy, sexy man in a suit to notice you, then give him something to notice. 


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