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A Letter To Myself Giving Tips On Life


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Looking back on the last 43 years of my life, it’s hard to believe everything I’ve been through. I’m not sixteen anymore. I look at my son whose turning 18 and I was already out of the house by then. It’s amazing to think he’s about to start his own life, just like I did. As a strong mother and woman, I took a little inspiration from some of the leading ladies from trending Netflix shows (The Crown, Jessica Jones and Chelsea) so here is my own letter to my younger self with all the things I would want my self to know. 



Dear Jodi

You are going to go through a lot of struggles in your life. Don’t be afraid of them. They will make you stronger more than you know. Listen to your heart and not your head. Trust yourself and forget about pleasing everyone. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Chances are what makes life worth living. They will help you grow. Help you come to realize who you are. 


Your mom loves you, Jodi. I know you think she doesn’t. You think you can’t live up to her expectations. But she is proud of you. She really loves you. Take the time to listen to her. Understand who she is because as a woman you will come to draw on her strength and guidance. She is stronger than you think. Time is important, especially where your mom is concerned. Love her each and every day and don’t forget to tell her. She’s a pretty amazing lady.

When you get the chance go see a doctor and ask him about mental illness. Do it now and not later. It will save you years of struggling. But understand that it doesn’t change who you are. I know that things seem difficult at times. You feel lost and lonely, beaten and helpless. But you won’t always feel this way. You will find your strength. This person in your life who is hurting you, I wish I could say walk away. I wish I could say ignore everything he says. But if you do, then you won’t gain the most amazing part of yourself. 

It will be you and  him against the world. I know you never thought of being a single mother, but trust me you’ll love it. He gives you strength. He also shares your love of movies. You love movies and watch them together. You teach him about strong characters. Movies are your way of relating. Characters such as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black, you can see a bit of yourself in. Or strong characters such as Jessica Jones, out to save the world one injustice at a time. You are not weak. You are not always strong. And that is okay. 

You know that boy you met at the party last week. The one you thought was cute, after the basketball game. You wanted to talk to him. He wasn’t from here. Don’t worry,  you’ll see him again. When you do, everything in your life will change. Trust in him. He has your back. He will become your best friend. And yes you will go through so many struggles that sometimes you will feel like giving up. One loss so difficult you still carry it with you. But this man will give you gifts beyond anything you could have ever dreamed of. He will teach you how to love yourself and how to accept love, real love beyond any romance books you write about. He will become your hero.


Don’t drink too much. Don’t you dare put a cigarette in your mouth. Don’t be afraid to drive a car. Stay away from fast food and slurpees. Trust me on this. Take up swimming and don’t forget to walk each and every day, because you never know when  you might not be able to anymore. Don’t take life for granted. It is so precious as you will learn. And just remember when you feel lost, scared and unsure. I’m here. I’ve always been here. You just have to believe. 

See you when you turn forty-three! Until then. Enjoy life. 



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