Dawn of the Croods On Netflix Is Just Fun!

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So Last week I was in Vancouver, at the Four Seasons Hotel after Netflix invited our family to take a look at their brand new Original Series Dawn of the Croods, and let me tell you — this show is just fun!

We drove to Surrey, heading into Vancouver taking the Sky Train. Trace was super stoked as he hadn’t been on the train before and he couldn’t wait to see the pre-screening of the show. Trace was in awe at how long the escalator was once we reached Granville Street and all the people surrounding us.

2015-12-12 11.04.14

Once we got to The Four Seasons and settled into the room, plush chairs, large viewing screen, tablets for the kids to play on. Trace found a comfy spot on the floor and then Lights… Camera… Action – The first family was introduced before his eyes. 


Dawn of the Croods is funny, entertaining and teaches kids every day life lessons such as how to deal with bullies, how to make friends, how to improve your self-esteem. Drawn in 2D animation different from the movie, I really enjoyed it and how nostalgic it looked on the screen. My favorite character is Eep as she struggles through the pain and angst of growing up. The show also takes place before “Tomorrow” so we get to enjoy the characters leading up to them to finding their new home.  

After  watching a couple of episodes Netflix fed our tummies. Catered by the Four Seasons restaurant, geared for the kids, sliders & mac and cheese were on the menu. I have to say the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver makes the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. 

2015-12-12 11.34.50

What kid wouldn’t love this for lunch?

2015-12-12 13.08.42

Dawn of the Croods airs on Netflix on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2015. I know that we are going to settle in at home in our pj’s, make some popcorn and sit and watch it together as a family.

We wish to thank Netflix and the Four Seasons for their amazing hospitality and showing our family such a good time. It was a wonderful treat being able to meet the girls we work with behind the scenes, along with watching the show with other #StreamTeam families. I can’t wait to do it again!

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