Creative Toilet Paper Holders That Will Rock Your Bathroom Decor

by Jodi Shaw

I’ve seen some pretty nifty toilet paper holders in my time. Some made out of wood. Some made of chrome. Some even made from popsicle sticks. Sleek designs that are unique in style and shape. Some you wouldn’t dream of having in your main washroom, while some you would love to show off. Here are a few creative toilet paper holders that will rock your bathroom decor.  

1. The Batman

Okay now who wouldn’t want the cape crusader standing in the corner of their powder room holding that roll for any missions you might go on? I know I think it’s pretty cool. Comes with a Robin soap dish LOL

2. Beary Bum

This adorable little bear has the toilet paper coming out of his behind. I think this would be cute for a kids bathroom or for the avid hunter or outdoorsy kinda guy. 

3. The Peg Leg

What else are you gonna do with a set of peg legs? Right, put a roll on it and add it to your bathroom corner because that’s not creepy in the slightest. Let’s hope the person these belong to doesn’t come looking! 

4. Business Man/Woman T.P. Holder

This is perfect for that corporate guy or gal who can’t be without their cell phone for even one little second. The cellphone toilet roll holder allows any business minded person to keep up with their business while doing their business. Get it? Okay yeah, we thought it was a stretch.

5. Dog Lover’s Butt Wiper 

Okay I think this is cute and it’s perfect for any hound lover out there, but honestly having to take one piece at a time might become a bit daunting over time. Can you imagine pulling out one after the other until you have enough?

6. The Fisherman / Boat / Island Lover

Oh yeah! If you live on the island, fish, have a boat or any of the above, you’ll adore this lighthouse toilet paper holder. I think it’s amazing! I love how it holds more than one roll. 

7. The Retro Photographer 

I actually love this idea. The toilet paper comes out of the Polaroid camera automatically with the press of a button. How cool is that? And you can take a pic of you doing the deed and snap chat it if you’re into sharing that kind of thing with your friends. You’ll never have to miss any moment in your life — like ever! 

8. The Farmer or Rancher

This is kinda cool. Instead of counting sheep, you can count rolls of T.P. until you fall asleep. It’s kinda Nifty eh? 

9. The Exercise Enthusiast or Gym Freak! 

These little guys are so cute. Look at how cute they are. They hold the rolls like barbells. I wonder what happens though if you take too much from one side? 

10. The Skater

I bet Tony Hawk has this in his bathroom. This industrial skateboard wheel bearing toilet paper hold is very cool, and easy to make. Yes, you can DIY this yourself. 

11. The Expandable Roll.

This is one of my favorites. In our bathroom we have to reach for our T.P. I love this has arms to stretch out so you never have to ask someone to grab it for you. That’s so embarrassing when you have company. 

12. The Toilet Paper Tree

Okay, we’ve all Tee Peed a tree before right? This takes on a while new meaning. I love how utterly cool this roll holder would look in any classic bathroom. 

What the strangest things you’ve ever seen used to hold a roll of toilet paper?

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Corey Shaw June 23, 2016 - 2:29 am

I want the batman one for the main bathroom heh heh

Jodi June 23, 2016 - 2:36 am

Not happening LOL


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