CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara by Lash Blast


I have no eyelashes. Yep – none! I was not blessed with big, beautiful lashes like both my boys. Instead, I have to find ways to showcase my large green (hooded) eyes to make them sparkle. So when CoverGirl, one of my favorite all time brands asked me to review their newest Super Sizer Mascara by Lash Blast and Intensify Me! Liquid Liner, of course, I couldn’t say no.

First Impressions!

CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara by Lash Blast!

The first thing I noticed while using the mascara was how different the tip was from any other mascara I had ever used before. The top end is much thicker than the bottom end. It’s supposed to give you 400% corner to corner volume, providing full and fanned out longer lashes that last.

CoverGirl claims the styler (smaller on one end) is to help transform even the smallest of lashes – like mine. Just twirl as you apply for a Super Sized lashed out look. I have to honestly say, it did help intensify my hooded eyes. It also clumped a bit which I found annoying. I think

I have to honestly say that although it did help intensify my hooded eyes, it also clumped a bit which I found annoying. I think because the brush bristles are so small together, it makes putting on the mascara harder and adding to that clumpy feel. A much wider pro brush perhaps in the future would solve that problem. I did love the color though. It’s a true black, intensify the eyes naturally but with depth.

Intensify Me! Liquid Liner!

Now I’ve never as I said in my video been a big fan of liquid eyeliner. Only because there is such a learning curve to putting it on, and honestly with dry eyes weeping all the time. I find most liners smudge on me unless I use a matte pencil. But I wanted to give this a try. I mean it’s CoverGirl after all!

One of the coolest things about this liner is the design of the brush. As I noted in my video, it’s more like a sharpie rather than a liquid paint brush you need a steady hand for. I love that one side is flat and one side is elongated to allow for a thicker or thinner line depending on your mood.

CoverGirl claims their paddled-brush tip allows two looks in one and they are right! You can define your eyes the way you want and how you want. But be quick because the liner does dry super fast. It took me a few tries but I have now got the hang of things.


Final Thoughts

Removing the make-up was easy breezy with my Garnier Clean Plus. It took the mascara and liner off without a hitch. So that’s good to know, as some people report removing the liner takes a bit of scrubbing. I found no issues with taking off either.

Both CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara by Lash Blast and Intensify Me! Liquid Liner are in stores now. Prices may vary depending on where you live. CoverGirl’s website states around $7 bucks for the mascara and $8 bucks for the liner. Not bad in pricing. Color options are black, brown, very black for the mascara, while the liner only comes in black right now. I’d be curious to see it in purple or other colors.

I’d love to know what you think of these products if you have had a chance to use them yet. I would definitely give them both a try. For now, I’m going to practice making wing tips and using the liquid liner because I do love the color both it and the mascara.

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