7 Super Cool Affordable Toys Kids Will Squeal Over

We all know that babies are happy playing with everyday household items. Pots and pans, plastic Tupperware containers, boxes. But babies also need fuzzy, educational, colorful toys to help with their development. 


1. Manhattan Toy Winkel $10.79

gsq0ihsj4ozcvlwajw9tPerfect for wee ones. This colorful looped grab toy is great for tiny hands and perfect for baby to even chew on. You can stick it in freezer or fridge to cool sensitive gums. Get it here.


2. Playmobile 123 Fun In The Sun $19.99


Great for bath time and summer fun. Brightly colored with a large design and rounded pieces. This toy is perfect for toddlers. Take a plane ride in the clouds, head out on the boat, or relax on the beach. Kids will have a blast. Get it here.


3. Ikea Lillabo Toy Vehicles (3 Pack) $9.99

lillabo-toy-vehicle-assorted-colors__0468010_PE611086_S4Car and puzzle play combined, this three car wooden/plastic set is perfect for 18 months and up. Kids can combine their own creation vehicles and immerse themselves into role playing. Get it here


4. Ikea Mula Abacus $14.99

mula-abacus__0341682_PE547792_S4We love Ikea for toys because when it comes to imagination for both toddlers and kids, Ikea has you covered. This colorful Abacus often seen in doctor’s offices because it stimulates brain activities, using hand eye coordination for tiny fingers and even helps with color recognition and counting. Get it here

5. WubbaNub Pacifier $13.95

One of my boys had a soother. The other didn’t. I tried to not encourage it, but man I wish I had one of these adorable little guys. Comes in 4 animal choices (Monkey, Giraffe, Elephant & Lamb) perfect as baby can grab a hold and snuggle this little guy and the pacifier can be swapped out. Get it here

6. V-TECH Touch & Swipe Phone $17.00

baby-toy-phonesI can’t tell you how many times my niece grabs my cell phone. Well, V-tech has now created a touch and swipe perfect for little ones geared 0-12 months. Realistic melody sounds, auto shut off for parents, and colorful pretend buttons. Get it here

7. Fisher-Price Babyโ€™s First Blocks and Rock Stack Bundle $19.99


Gawd, remember these? Well some toys are just worth keeping around. Fisher Price blocks and rock stack bundle is perfect for kids hand eye coordination, colors, shape design and easy to keep clean. Also perfect to pack and take with you on the go. Get it here

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