Treatment and symptoms of vertigo

If you have never had ‘vertigo’ let me tell you, it feels like you are staring up at a bunch of tall buildings and your head begins to spin around and around.

I’ve suffered from vertigo several times in the past ten years. It’s quite a common problem actually, and affects tons of people daily worldwide. It’s caused by a problem with the way balance works in the inner ear, although there can also be other varying symptoms. The bottom line is vertigo triggers dizzy spells that are worse than any hangover you’ve ever had.

Vertigo may make you feel dizzy and upset, worried and anxious but it is completely treatable. Sometimes it can be severe and the person suffering will find it difficult doing ordinary day to day tasks.

Knowing the signs are important though so you can seek the help you need.

What Causes Vertigo?

I was told by my doctor that Vertigo is an inner ear problem caused by swift head movements and inflammation of the nerve that runs into the inner ear that sends messages to our brain for control and balance.

Vertigo isn’t a condition that will just go away. You need to see your doctor, to share what you are feeling. Several short tests can help determine the type of vertigo you have.

Vertigo isn’t life-threatening, but it’s life debilitating.  I’m afraid sometimes to sleep at night.  That I won’t wake up and see my boys.  I’m afraid to go out because what if something changes and I have another attack?

In most cases, vertigo will simply resolve itself without needing any treatment. However, some people have repeat episodes which can last weeks and sometimes years.

Being that I have dealt with Vertigo several times before, I know there are several ways you can help yourself if you are suffering so you don’t feel like you are walking a tightrope a million meters above the ground.

  • Keep your head and neck elevated.
  • Move slowly when getting up.
  • Keep your eyes focus on one thing if you get dizzy.
  • Do not extend your neck when reaching for something above your shoulders.

Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I went to see my doctor and discovered my vertigo wasn’t caused by my inner ear but rather my blood pressure.

Making sure we are healthy and listening to our bodies is one of the main things we need to focus on in this life. If you are suffering from vertigo then go see your doctor and get some help.

Have you ever had vertigo? What did you do to curb the dizziness?

P.S. Did you know your sinuses can cause a seizure?

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