What Chores Are Age Appropriate For Kids?

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Note: This post was originally posted October 2009. It has been updated to reflect accurancy and added materials I hope you find useful.

Learning new things is fun for kids. Kids love to be involved and feel as though they have accomplished something.  Take chores for instance. Chores for little kids can be fun if they are taught properly to enjoy themselves.  Your child will grow up one day. You want them to be prepared. The best part about teaching kids chores can be fun is that you are building a sense of structure for them. You can teach kids to pick up after themselves and to put away their toys, and even clean their room. Kids want to learn and who better to learn from than you!



My son Trace loves filling the sink and cups with water. Water is fun to play with. It always puts a smile on his face.

Don’t Worry If Chores Take Longer

Chores don’t have to have a time limit. If you are on a busy schedule, wait until you have ample time to teach your little ones that chores can be fun.  Who cares if your kids take a bit longer to dust or do the dishes. They are just learning. Allow your kids to work at their own pace. This will give them a sense of pride once they have finished something, making them feel as though they do not have to be perfect when doing chores or go too fast in order to get the job done!


Let Them Explore and Play

Exploring and playing with their surroundings is important to children. Kids love to explore. So let them play and have fun while doing chores. This teaches your kids to try new and different ways of doing things, not just your way. Dance with the broom in the kitchen. Sing into the mop as you push it across the floor. Little kids need to learn their own techniques for cleaning that work for them. This will go a long way into teaching little kids that chores can be fun to do.

basket with chores inside

Photo from Your Modern Family

What Type of Chores Are Appropriate For My Child?

This question gets asked a lot. I had a hard time coming up with proper chores for my son to do that was not going to be too hard or too easy. Things like cleaning his toys up, putting away his shoes and coat are great chores for a child age two and up. But what about three or four-year-old?

Your Modern Family has a great idea of putting chores into a bin for kids to choose from, along with a list of age-appropriate chores kids can do. I love that she has certain cards that say “I love you” pick another chore. This makes teaching little kids that chores can be fun way easier.

Don’t Forget To Give Lots of Praise

Young children won’t find doing chores fun if rewards aren’t given. So remember to give tons of praise. “Good job!” or “Well done” is something we all need to hear but especially our children. Praise is a great reward. Never use chores as a punishment. You want to build self-esteem and in doing this your child will want to help out more often when they feel good about themselves for their own accomplishments.

The end result is that no matter what age your child is chores can be fun and rewarding for your kids. Things like making the bed or putting away dirty clothes. Don’t let your kids be lazy. Lead by example and teach them that housework doesn’t have to be a grueling task. You can rock out to music while doing dishes, and play dress up while putting away the coats. Either way, your kids will learn that helping out is more fun providing them with the structure they need as they grow into adults.

What chores do you let your little ones help with?

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