5 signs your spouse is cheating online

It’s not a nice scenario to think that your partner may be cheating on you. Hell, I’ve been lucky in my own marriage that my husband and I have such strong communication and respect for one another. However, there were times when things weren’t always so good and I will admit my womanly jealous streak showed its fangs.

It happened one day while my husband was innocently chatting with a female online. Talking to someone about personal issues going on in your relationship is a form of cheating whether you think it is or not. But how can you tell?

How do you know when things have gone beyond friendly chit-chat to something more? Here are 5 signs that your significant other may be cheating online.

Password Protected Devices

It’s important in this day and age that we keep our password protected devices safe. We almost need to run the Matrix in order to hide our personal information.

That doesn’t mean you hide or lock your devices and keep those passwords from your partner. Your partner is supposed to be the closest person to you, and you should be able to trust them with all your information.

If your partner isn’t sharing their passwords then ask yourself this: What are they trying to hide?

Behavior Changes

If you suspect your significant other is cheating online, you will know by certain behavior changes when they come home. The way your partner behaves is a tell-tale sign that something might be up.

One minute they are acting all nice and the next they are angry.

Something fishy might be going on. It may not mean cheating but only you know your partner’s behavioral patterns. My advice — get to the bottom of it. Talk about things and find out what is really going on before it is too late.

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Deleting Messages So Your Partner Can’t See Them

This is a big sign that your significant other may be cheating online and it stems from being dishonest. If you are looking at some messages and don’t want your partner to see them because you are afraid they will get angry. Then you shouldn’t be looking at those messages in the first place.

If your spouse or partner is hiding messages it could be a sign that your significant other is cheating online. Honesty is the most important factor in any relationship. So there should never be any secrets.

Secret Social Accounts

Nowadays cheating isn’t just about finding lipstick on the collar (cliche) but it’s true. It’s about online networking. Discovering your partner has a secret Facebook or Twitter profiles isn’t good. Not if you aren’t aware of it.

Check your computer’s history to see what’s been going on. Don’t make yourself paranoid, but ask your spouse why the separate account and decided whether or not they have a secret account for a legitimate reason.

Showering When Coming Home (Often)

Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing strange about a person showering, especially after a long day on the construction site or after working in the mill. But if your partner is coming home and jumping in the shower right away or each night before bed when they didn’t do this routine before.

You can bet something is up and your partner may be cheating online. In fact, it’s one of the main signs believe it or not of cheating in general. Gotta wash that guilt away somehow.

What To Do if You Discover Your Significant Other Cheating Online

  • Don’t panic.
  • Talk about things if you can.
  • Go for counseling.
  • Remember why you fell in love.
  • Be honest with yourself and your partner.
  • Try to work things out.
  • Be open to forgiving and listening.
  • If tempers are heated – walk away.

I know many people might read some of these tips and say “No way! If my partner is cheating – I am gone – or I want a divorce~” That is up to you.

One thing that I have learned is that most couples and marriages that stay together for long periods of time go through some form of infidelity. Why? Because we are human beings and we make mistakes.

I’m not saying you should stick with your cheating partner. I’m simply saying that before you walk away, try to put everything you can into fixing things. If it’s worth fixing–fight for it.

Here is to a happy relationship!

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