Ceramictopia Brings Fun Back To Meal Times: Dinnerware for Kids

Imagine sitting down to dinner with goofy but colorful plates, amazing designs to look at. Meal times are supposed to be enjoyed and that is precisely what the Giles’ brother wish to accomplish with their innovative new products Ceramictopia. Plates and mugs built with artistic designs set to inspire memories and dreams that we all share.

Each Ceramictopia design has its own personality. Bold and imaginative products set to make a statement on your dinner table. Individual pieces that when brought together create a magnificent story. So remove that old boring dinnerware and bring Ceramictopia to your table and allow it to shine through your family mealtimes.

I can’t tell you how amazing Ceramictopia dinnerware is. I love this Halloween design above. I love that the company is open to suggestion, meaning anything you’d like designed they could probably do up for you. How cool would that be? What a great gift idea for the holidays, someone’s birthday or anniversary.

I also love that these products are created by artists from around the world, working side-by-side to create unique sets for customers and families to enjoy and pass down to future generations.

Ceramictopia has already created glass and paper products for us to love, with new designs and themes coming along soon to accommodate everyone who wants to bring more fun back to their mealtime.

The fact that Ceramictopia is created by artists around the world is what makes these products unique.  To be able to pick up chosen sets to give to family and friends made of different materials such as: glass, paper with more designs coming and themes that everyone can enjoy!

Each Ceramictopia piece is handled with love, carefully crafted, screen printed, painted and then beautifully packaged by Stoke and Sheffield, using only the finest English bone china. The product is intended for everyone.

We recognized how much technology was having an effect on the dynamic of meal times for children and families. But we wondered whether, if you stripped everything away, we could find a way to boost imagination, playfulness, and engagement on the only things you really need: plates and mugs.

I know as a parent my kids are always engaged in video games, technology, chatting with friends. But mealtimes are important. It’s a time to sit down, talk to one another about what is going on in each other’s lives, share memories and good times. Ceramictopia dinnerware helps do that in a fun and creative way.

I also love the idea you can choose more than one set for each person’s personality. For us, as a family, this is a huge game changer. Your children can visit for supper and each has their own dinnerware set to enjoy, making mealtimes more special.


For more information please visit http://ceramictopia.com/ you can view many sets already available. Or join the Kickstarter Campaign and show your support. You can also follow Ceramictopia on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest information and creations.

There are many products out there in the world for us as families to enjoy, but why not enjoy one made specifically for you? Get on board today and back this great product that can be turned into a family tradition for generations to come.

Ceramictopia – can change the way you enjoy family mealtimes.


  1. Lynda Cook November 16, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    Oh wow those are so awesome and very unique, there was a few of them there that I really liked, on sample the penguins!