Catherine Zeta Jones talks about bipolar disorder

It’s amazing to think that depression is still a taboo topic but it is. So I was not only surprised but pleasantly happy when I read an article about Catherine Zeta-Jones and her struggles with being diagnosed with bipolar II.

After discovering her husbands (Michael Douglas) Cancer was gone, Catherine should have been happy but discovered she wasn’t. Her moods were down and she felt sad a lot of times. So the star reached out and finally got some help.

She checked into Sunny Hill Mental health facility where she spent five days and when she actually got a diagnosis of bipolar II, the star was stunned.

Zeta-Jones who is 41 and mom to Dylan 10 years old and daughter Carys whose eight. The five day stay taught the actress a lot about herself and about the depression she has been fighting for a long time and decided to go public.

“There is no need to suffer silently an there is no need shame in seeking help.”


The actress hopes that by going public she can destigmatize the illness which affects 1 in 50 people. Bipolar II is where the person suffers from more prolonged bouts of depression and less manic episodes.

I myself have bipolar II and I’m glad the actress is using her fame to reach more people with this illness. Suffering from chronic bouts of depression is never easy but it doesn’t mean I cannot function or take care of my family and my kids. The illness is treated with medication therapy, counseling and eating right and taking care of yourself.

Right now I am on Celexa which is not usually used for bipolar but anxiety disorder instead which I also have. But the medication works for me for both to keep me even-keeled with low mania.

The important thing to remember is that not all types of medication will work for everyone. Working with your doctor you can find what type of medical therapy works best for you.

What do you guys think about Catherine talking openly about her illness?