Canon Rebel SL1: Family Photo Shoot


Summer time is a great time, especially when capturing family moments. I recently got a new toy to help me capture those precious times.  The Canon Rebel EOS SL1 is the perfect camera for taking photographs of my family during our adventures together.  This week I’m showcasing a trip we took to White Rock and some great shots I took around the complex with the SL1 that make this one of the best camera’s I’ve ever used!

We spent the day at moms after she got out of the hospital.  We had a good time with my brother, my son and his gf, the animals and my sweet boy (nephew) Kylan.  The pictures turned out amazing.  I used the auto setting so there was no filters or nothing to change. Just point and shoot!

My son Jacob such a handsome guy! My brother Shayne Rosie Trace and his best bud!


Continuous Fun!

One thing I love about any good camera is the ability to do continuous shooting. I don’t know about you, but my kids are always moving, making faces, running and with continuous shooting I can capture the shots I want without missing out on anything. Here is my son Trace and my nephew making faces during continuous shooting.


Up Close & Personal

Another feature I love about the Rebel SL1 is the ability to get up close and personal and blur the background or choose your focal point while capturing an image.  Here are a few shots I took to show you what I mean…

These are little buds on my basil that’s growing in my bucket outside. I love how the green onions in the background are blurred out and the focus is on the tiny flowers, which are quite pretty I think.  

I love this picture of my son’s g/f Krista.  I love how the camera showcases her natural beauty.  It’s one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of her.  She’s my girl.  

This is my Harley dog, my yorkie.  Using my Samsung Galaxy S4 I never would have been able to get a shot like this.  The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 allows me the ability to capture details — like his little teeth which I never see LOL!  That and the color of his beautiful brown eyes.  

This is my son’s friend Chase. He got excited to show me his pen he got from his grandma.  I used the blur effect to put the focal point on the pen and blur out Chase in the background. It’s a pretty effect.

My Favorite Thing So Far About the Canon Rebel EOS SL1?

None of these images were edited.  Not only does the camera allow you take raw files but JPEG as well.  I didn’t have to edit any of these.  I used the simple features on the camera to get the exact shots I wanted and I can’t wait to keep experimenting with my new camera.

I wish to thank Staples Canada for helping me capture my summer moments with the Canon Rebel EOS SL1.  Please visit their website for more great products and information on this camera and various other cameras & accessories, back to school, office and house and home furniture and equipment to help make your life easier!

Stay Tunes as I dive into another week with my Canon Rebel camera.  Make sure to follow me on FB and Twitter with the hashtag #smstaplesca (summermoment) with so you don’t miss anything!

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