How To Slow Cook A Pot Roast Using Canadian Beef

Have you ever slow cooked a pot roast? If someone had told me a year ago I could pull out my slow cooker and throw in a nice piece of boneless top sirloin beef, some carrots, and potatoes, beans (if they boys let me) and turn it on to cook all day without it burning, drying out or over-cooking anything inside. I would have laughed at them hysterically!

It’s true cooking a pot roast in a pot is just better!

I was super excited when Canadian beef asked me to share my love of cooking a pot roast with you all.  There are a million recipes for cooking a roast, some that are so mouth-watering you can’t help but give them a go and add them to your list for family dinner time.

There are also many cuts of beef you may not be aware of. I know I wasn’t. But after reading Beef what’s in a Name, I quickly caught up to all various kinds of roasts you can cook and the difference between cooking a pot roast and oven roasting your beef.

Pot RoastsTypes: blade · cross rib · top blade · bottom blade boneless · brisket · shoulder – What is your favorite?

Ever since I learned to cook a roast in a pot, it has become our families number one way of cooking a roast.  I thought the roast would dry out or lose that crunchy flavor that often scores the ends of the meat when cooked in the over (my favorite part by the way)  But that is so far from the truth.

I love that I can throw everything into a pot, leave it and not worry. No basting, no fear of making sure all the other yummy goodies (veggies and spuds) that go along with what makes a roast incredible will burn or lose their flavor–POOF!  That fear just vanishes and all we are left with is a yummy, tender spiced without marinating pot roast we can sink our teeth into and enjoy!

My boys are all meat and potatoes and always have been ever since they were babies and first were introduced to solids. Despite the fact that many people said don’t feed them beef, they just love it!  And pot roast is their favorite.  In fact we sat down to dine this past week to enjoy.

The boys and hubs really enjoyed the roast I made. I love that I can do other things while cooking and not worry and the meal prepares itself really.  Cooking a roast in a pot is such a no fuss no mess way of doing a roast, I can’t believe for so many years I used to do it in the oven, heating up the house and something always burned or the roast was usually over-done.

I really enjoyed taking part in this blog tour for Canadian beef. I swear if you don’t have a slow cooker ask for one for Christmas you won’t regret it as it can be used for so much more than Pot Roast. And if you do have one and have never used it to slow cook a roast.  Do it now — you’ll thank me later!

What is your favorite way to cook a pot roast?


  1. Anna Given February 10, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Thanks for the recipe. Always looking for new recipe ideas

  2. Anne Taylor May 17, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    Yum, Yum, Yum! When I was growing up we had a Roast Beef and Yorkie dinner every week! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    1. Jodi - Site Author May 17, 2014 at 2:40 pm

      I did too at Grandma’s house every Sunday. Funny how food can bring comfort to you.

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