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Canada Day Nail Tutorial with Essie

Canada Day isn’t just about celebrating the country’s birthday, good food and friends, fireworks and festivities. It’s also about fashion. One of the things I love about holidays is being fashionable especially when it comes to nails. Are you a Canadian nailista?

artistEssie Canada teamed up with Canada’s own Lead Nail Artist Rita Remark for some Canadian pride nail art showing off some #essielove to the country with looks fit for any occasion really.

Hearts accented with fan-favorite shade ‘blanc’, layered over a ‘too hot’ red is such a pretty way to kick start the summer. I love red nail polish and using it as an accent is super cool.

Here’s some cool inspiration. The first is Hearts on Hearts

1. Prep nails with one layer of all in one, followed by two coats of too too hot.
2. With a striping brush dipped in fishnet stockings, paint the outline of a heart. Start drawing a “v” followed by two curves.
3. Repeat step two with blanc and overlap the hearts. Top it off with a coat of all in one.
Rita’s Tip: Paint 2 to 3 hearts depending on the length of nails.

Knots Landing Nailista Look

1. Prep nails with a layer of first base coat, followed by two coats of the clambake.
2. Using the large end of the dotting tool dipped in blanc, create 5 dots in the shape of an “x.” Connect the dots with a striping brush.
3. Place smaller dots on top with the small end of the dotting tool dipped in clambake.

More Canadian Inspiration

Share your Canadian #essielove on social media tomorrow, and don’t forget to tag @essiecanada with your looks!

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