Can you feel the sag? How to pump up your breasts

Note: I am not a doctor and these opinions below are just that, the opinions of others. It’s important to get your breasts checked regularly. Please visit your doctor for more information.

Remember the day when your breasts used to be like hot air balloons, ready to fly free against the uplifting wind? Now as I head into my 40’s, my boobs more resemble a deflating tire with a slow leak. I’ve got the sag. It’s a terrible thing, and I went ahead and asked a doctor if anything could be done about it.

Why do breasts sag?

Women have been asking for years certain questions that may or may not relate to the ultimate boob sag such as which foods contribute to sagging breasts? Does sleeping in a bra help your boobs stay perky? Is smoking a contributing factor of boob sag?

It’s a question I think every woman has asked at least once while looking in the mirror and realizing the day where you can hold your cell phone, maybe a pencil or two, even your wallet underneath your boobs for safekeeping is coming because you have boob sag.

Well, here’s the skinny on what you can do to avoid your breasts sagging over time.

“Forget about the old belief of poor quality bras, going bra-less, or breastfeeding being the cause of sagging breasts. There are ligaments in the breasts that stretch out over time. Gravity is certainly the culprit but there are others such as pregnancies, menopause, breast motion from exercise, high body index and deficiencies in estrogen and collagen, along with rapid weight fluctuations and of course smoking.”

Dr. Manish Shah – American Board of Plastic Surgery

When exercising focus on your boobs

Many women focus on their lower body when exercising. I know because my ass is the size of the grand canyon and I’m always trying to work off the hump on my rump. We tend to forget about our upper body and how we can strengthen and tone our pectoral muscles (the muscle under the breasts) which can help prevent sagging.

Using weights and resistance training can help a ton to tone the areas around your breasts. Shoulder presses are great. If you can’t do them on the floor, do them against the wall. You can even use soup cans if you don’t have weights at home.

Quit smoking

I know we’ve all heard the rumors — smoking is bad for you. But did you know that smoking can contribute to breast sag? Nicotine helps break down the collagen in your body which controls the elasticity of your skin. If you quit smoking then you can help rebuild the suppleness of your breasts and say (goodbye to the sag guy) and hello round firm boobs.

Get your menopause under control

I’m going through menopause and let me tell you, it’s no picnic. Aside from the hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, and mood swings, menopause is also helping my boobs meet my knees earlier than intended.

“Drops in estrogen, a natural occurrence during menopause reduces collagen in skin tissue. Some supplements or phytoestrogens that boost estrogen levels naturally can have a positive effect on breast shape. However, this is certainly something to discuss with a specialist. “

Dr. M.

You may have quit smoking. You might be eating right. You may have changed your diet and are toned and muscular in proportion to your body and yet still your breasts will sag. Why? Gravity, of course. It’s a nasty and cruel world, but eventually, gravity wins. So what else can you do to avoid the sag?

  1. Wear the right bra for the right occasion – pretty bras have their purpose but so does a good sports bra. Investing in the right one for the right type of exercise you are doing will provide the support and relief you need.
  2. Stop the yo-yo dieting – losing weight is great to keep you healthy but did you know that losing weight and then gaining weight and then losing it again contributes to breast sag? It sure does. Make sure your diet doesn’t fluctuate too much and you aren’t crash dieting as that can be more harmful than helpful where your ladies are concerned.
  3. Avoiding sunscreen is not great overall – but even worse as the sun has a high impact on the stretching ability of our skin. The breakdown of collagen significantly increases the chance of breast sag. So make sure you put that sunscreen on no matter where you go.
  4. Take multi-vitamins daily – such as vitamin c & d to help with the health of your skin, especially if you smoke.

And finally, the last thing you can do to avoid breast sag is–absolutely nothing! Our tits are our tits, sag and all. We are all different shapes and sizes as are our boobs. Some of us with perky breasts, some big nipples, some small. It doesn’t matter. Loving yourself (saggy boobs) and all is what is the most important thing you can do.

Embrace yourself and your body because you are beautiful and you shine!

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  1. Melinda March 30, 2019 at 6:35 am

    Wearing the right bra is the key. I find it difficult to find the right bra for fit and comfort.

    1. Jodi Shaw - Site Author March 30, 2019 at 7:02 am

      I do too, however my mom told me to go to a bra fitting shop and they can help you discover the right size for you. I’m going to try that.

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