What To Know When Buying the Perfect Prom Dress

It’s March, which means prom is coming for many graduating teens. Every time I go to pick up my son from school, he’s in grade nine, I hear girls talking, gushing, planning about prom. They talk about the theme, the limo, the corsage they will wear and the shoes. But they mostly talk about the dress. It’s all about the dress, isn’t it?

Shop Early

The first step to buying the perfect prom dress is to start your search early. By early I mean at the start of the year. In fact taking a peek at last year’s styles can give you an idea of what you like and what you don’t. Dress shops advertise early for prom. Planning early also allows for alterations to be done if you need them.

Buy Online Save Money

Buying online at places like JenJenHouse is great because not only can you find unique dresses nobody else will have at your school or sold in local boutiques. But the prices can actually save you some cash. Before you buy online though, I recommend trying on different dresses to see what style you like and works best for your body. If you are slender then a sheath off shoulder dress will showcase your figure. If you are curvy A-line dresses highlight your waist and hides hips and thighs.

Be Yourself

No matter what dress you choose, whether it be a prom dress, homecoming dress, cocktail, evening gown, simple flow, skirt and top. Your prom dress has to represent you!  So dress according to what you find natural. You want to be comfortable and different and be able to move and groove on the dance floor. Graduating is about celebrating who you are, so your dress should represent that.



Just as important as your dress are the accessories you will wear to accent your dress.  Shoes, hand bag, clutches, purse, necklaces, jewelry. http://www.jenjenhouse.com/ has everything you need for every occasion. I suggest when buying something for prom be practical. Buy a clutch or earrings, shoes or a hand bag you will use again. I don’t see the point of buying just for the occasion, you want to get something that will accent your dress for your special night but also something you can enjoy well past graduation.

No matter what dress you choose, make sure you take time for yourself. Try on different kinds, look online, check out what the stars are wearing, what’s popular, what material is breathable, and don’t forget the accessories that go along with the full look. And above all else remember to have a great time, take in every moment the night of your prom and have fun!

Disclosure: I appreciate Jen Jen’s House sharing their beautiful pictures and gown with us. All opinions are 100% my own and this article represents our own thoughts on the subject. Thanks for reading!


  1. Mark July 29, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    Great tips.

  2. Luke Bigsby June 2, 2014 at 7:27 am

    In many womens’ life prom is a very important and a major occasion. So buying the perfect prom dress is vet important for them. The above all tips can definitely help them to buy the prom dress that will help them look beautiful and sensational on this special event.

  3. Annabelle April 7, 2014 at 3:58 am

    Trendy cuts and sensuous patterns are what make this collection fabulous and a must have for every young girl. This stunning range of dresses will surely bring out the sensuous beauty of any girl and let her be the center of attraction in the prom or any other evening party.


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