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How To Build A Gallery Wall + Free Online Printables

I love wall art. I mean love love it. There is just something about walking into a room and seeing a blank wall come to life with old photographs, and images and words that inspire. So, I knew when we moved into the new apartment I wanted to create a gallery wall of some kind but had no idea how to do it.  There are tons of tutorials online, such as how to create a gallery wall on a budget by Apartment Therapy, my go to for all things small space living that will show you the best placement for your wall art. For me I simply gathered together all my frames and went for it, and I love how it turned out.

Use What You Love

I chose the large, long wall in my dining area to create my gallery wall. Why? Well, two reasons. One the wall was so blank it made my table and chairs looks ridiculously small. And two because I had already decided that all my son’s paint pieces would go above my sofa in the living room. I picked out my favorite photos and pieces that I wanted to look at every day. Things that remind me of family, love, and life. 

Mix & Matching Frames is okay

One thing about creating a wall of art is that nothing has to match and this includes the frames. I have a variety of frames in all sorts of colors from black to brushed copper to white. Each piece stands out on it’s own and yet together creates this unified welcome sign that says “come on in and sit down and relax our home is yours.”

Grab Free Printables Online


If you are looking for artwork there are tons of sites online where you can download free printables. Just search free gallery wall printables and let your fingers explore.



Most of the frames I used, I got from the dollarstore, but remember it doesn’t have to be just quotes or family pictures. You can add whatever makes you happy to your gallery wall. 



I love how my gallery wall turned out so far. Each piece means something to me and that’s important.  I love sitting with my family, eating dinner and looking at the wall and the tiny reminders of the people, places and sayings that help me get through my days.

Where to get free gallery art? Here are just a few places to check out where you can find some amazing art so you can get started on your very own gallery wall in your home.

Remodelaholic 40+ free printables

Fab n’ Free 50 Gorgeous & Free Printables 

Classy Cathleen Free Printables for your gallery walls.

What would you add to your gallery wall?

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