Build-A-Bear Snoopy and Grinch + Holiday Favorites

I love the Grinch! I mean seriously love the Grinch. The iconic character has been a part of my childhood for as long as I can remember. So when I discovered that Build-A-Bear has a lovable Grinch character on right now for the holidays, I couldn’t wait to snag him. 

The embodiment of the holidays, this green guy knows the true meaning of Christmas or at least he learns it. And The Grinch makes the perfect holiday gift for any child (or ahem) adult like minded who loves the spirit of Christmas. All dressed up in his 3 piece Santa suit which is fully removable. The Grinch from Build-A-Bear is soft, cuddly and when you press his paw as seen in the video, sings the theme song from the beloved Dr. Seuss classic tale. He retails for $38.95.

Snoopy is here! World War I, Flying Ace is one of Snoopy’s favorite alter egos! This Snoopy comes dressed in his signature Flying Ace Costume when he goes up against the Red Baron. Take Snoopy on your own imaginative adventure and discover a world of fun! Snoopy retails for $41.00.

Holidays At Build-A-Bear

Fan Favorites – Don’t Miss Out On These Guys! 

Right now Build-A-Bear has some special deals going on for limited time only. Get FREE shipping with the purchase of $40 dollars or more. Build-A-Bear allows you to pick and choose your characters, build and dress them any way you want. There are thousands of locations worldwide. Take your kids for a holiday outing and do something fun, create and make memories with Build-A-Bear!


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