Vaginal Dryness Shouldn’t Be Embarrassing

“So listen, my vagina is dry. I mean it’s itchy. It’s unbearably painful. Hubby and I can’t have sex because I feel like I have to take a drive through Jiffy Lube just to prepare for being intimate. My confidence is shot and this problem is–totally embarrassing. Does anybody else feel this way?” 

Can you imagine having that conversation with your women friends? I think mine would die if I ever broached the subject of sharing the fact that sometimes my vagina is about as moist as a piece of sandpaper. That’s why it’s time to break the silence. 

As women, we are strong. We are intelligent. We are in this together. We aren’t alone. So let’s get talking on an important topic that has affected all of us at probably one point or another in our lives. No embarrassment. No feeling awkward. Just being honest and truthful.  

Let’s Talk Vaginal Dryness

The question I had was why is this happening? My doctor told me that Menopause is to blame. Damn Menopause. A simple drop in estrogen, which helps keep the vagina lubricated, is the culprit.

Add that to hormonal changes, mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats (oh those are my favorite) tiredness, weight gain and my gosh, no wonder we are walking around with broken down, dry sex boxes that make being intimate about as appealing as having a root canal. 

The truth is though, there are many other causes of vaginal dryness. Things like stress, pregnancy, or even certain medications can trigger this problem that many women face.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that it’s way more common than you think and it can have an impact on a woman’s sex life, their self-esteem and their overall general ability to feel great about themselves. 

So What Can We Do About It?

The first step is to stop the stigma that we can’t discuss topics such as this. I mean, come on, it’s not just about sex or being intimate. It’s about how we feel. There should be no room for embarrassment because vaginal dryness can happen to any woman at any time. So for the sake of our health as women, it’s important we open up a dialogue of communication on the subject.  

Another thing that can help is being prepared to make vaginal dryness easier to manage by using products specifically targeted to help bring relief such as Vagasil ProHydrate Natural Feel Moisturizing Gel. In fact, there is a whole line of products from Vagasil you can check out like Vagisil pH Balance Wash and Vagisil Extra Strength Anti-Itch Crème that each address a concern about your vaginal health.  

How Can Vagasil ProHydrate Help? 

Like anything, we women have to deal with, the simpler the better. Vagisil ProHydrate Natural Feel Moisturizing Gel helps by relieving the itch caused by vaginal dryness almost instantly. It’s fast-acting and long-lasting made with a formula that coats the vaginal wall and slowly releases moisture over time. 

Vagisil ProHydrate is natural moisture you can use effortlessly and discreetly with a single-use, pre-filled applicator to help make intimacy more comfortable, taking away the feelings of inadequacies so that you can enjoy feeling great both inside and out.

Don’t you want to feel better about your body? Don’t you want to be more intimate with your spouse and have your confidence boosted? Vagisil can help with its line of products. 

We talk about condoms. Heck, we even watch them in our commercials. We talk about our periods because it’s a fact of life. We talk about men with their sexual problems and the products to help them with their issues. So why should discussing something as simple as vaginal dryness be taboo? 

It shouldn’t.

So let’s break the silence. Let’s get talking. You aren’t alone. None of us are. That’s what makes being a woman so fabulous! 

Chime in if you want to add something to the conversation. We’d love you to share your experiences. No embarrassment. No judgments. #Vagisil

This post is brought to you by Vagisil but the images and opinions are 100% my own.

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