Why I’m Loving Lemongrass House All Natural Spa Products

One of my favorite rooms in my home is my bathroom. It’s my sanctuary. My place to get away from the kids, soak my troubles away, and enjoy quiet and peaceful time for mom.

No bathroom is complete without spa products, creating tranquility and zen for my mind, body, and spirit. I get such products from one of my new favorite shops, Lemongrass House, providing all-natural spa products.

Lemongrass House has over 50 outlets — including a new store that just opened in Vancouver, British Columbia (my hometown!) in Gastown, along with stores in Russia, England, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Run by Bobby and his wife, plus their 45 relatives all helping to extract pure plant oils from crops, Lemongrass House is a major manufacturer of professional spa products for some of the world’s top hotels and spas such as the Four Seasons, Hilton Hotels, Banyan tree, and Le Meridien.

Here are a few of the products I received from Lemongrass House to test for free but trust me I’ve been online since buying everything because the products are just that amazing!

Harley loves his dog shampoo and I have to tell you there is something so good about using products with all natural ingredients that are taken from the earth without any harmful chemicals in them.

Lemongrass House has everything you could ever possibly need or want such as face creams, hand lotions, products for babies, kid shampoos, products for pets, handmade decor items and so much more!

Lemongrass House Dog Shampoo – $9.95 (120ml) to $14.95 (260ml)

All-natural and gentle for your fur baby, Lemongrass Dog Shampoo is mild and cleansing and won’t dry out your dog’s skin. Made with pure essential oils to nourish the coat leaving it clean and shiny, this handmade dog shampoo is infused with green tea extract for natural flea control.

(Key Ingredients: aloe vera, shea butter, green tea, cocoa butter, cucumber extract, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E)

Lemongrass Paw Balm – $14.95

Dog’s paws get worn and tired from walking on pavement. Lemongrass House Dog Paw Balm works quickly to protect your pet’s paws from cracking, chafing and bleeding after being exposed to outside conditions. It helps alleviate conditions for the dog you love such as hot spots, wounds, sores and even dog eczema.

(Key Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Mango butter, Comfrey root extract, Lavender essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Rosemary essential oil.)

Coconut Soap Dish – $14.95

By far one of my favorite products from Lemongrass House is my coconut soap dish. Made from the shell of coconut so each one is unique, Lemongrass Coconut Soap Dish is the perfect present for birthdays, housewarmings, or to just spoil someone you love with something creative for their kitchen or bath.

Lemongrass has an array of bath products for you to enjoy. Everything from shampoo to bath crystals with unbelievable scents, aromatherapy extracts to free your body and mind so you can enjoy a relaxing mood at any time of the day!

Lemongrass Face Cream – $24.95

Nothing feels better on your face than something all-natural and good for you.

I’m a bit picky whenever I try out a new face cream because my skin is so sensitive but Lemongrass House offers three kinds of amazing facial cream: Green Tea (my favorite) Thai Pomelo and Original Lemongrass face cream.

Made with pure vegetable, flower, and fruit extracts, I cannot stress how incredibly soft and supple my skin feels after using Lemongrass face cream, especially after a day in the sun when my skin always feels so tired and tight.

You can use morning, noon and night, or anytime you like. I even use the cream on my arms at night when getting a hot flash due to peri-menopause. The cucumber extra within the cream helps to cool my body down.

(Key Ingredients: Fractionated Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba Oil, Cucumber Extract, White Orchid Extract, Banana Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin C.)

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I partnered with Lemongrass House and received products for free to share this information with you. All opinions are 100% my own and come from my actual testing of these products to give you my honest thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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