What you don’t know about brain injuries and concussions

This is a guest post by my husband Corey Shaw a.k.a Forgetful Dad

When it comes to sporting news, being I’m male, of course, I pay attention. That and I played a lot of sports as a kid growing up. Plus, I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. So, whenever news hits of someone getting injured, I tend to listen.

And quite frankly, I’m glad.

Ever since Sydney Crosby (hockey player) suffered his concussion leaving him out of the lineup and at home trying to recover, there has been lots of talks and focus put on brain injuries in both sports for adults and children.

Not that I wanted to see Crosby take a hit to the noggin. It’s never fun when a professional player gets injured. I’m happy because of the awareness it’s bringing to the facts surrounding a concussion and brain injuries of this type which affect thousands of people yearly.

My brain injury was motorcycle related but concussions happen all the time, and brain injuries come in all forms for all people, especially children.

My son Trace has mild cerebral palsy (also a brain injury) though not acquired. He was born with it. Hundreds of children each year take a fall, a knock to the skull, and they are expected to fully recover. I mean why shouldn’t they? The brain has its own protection from such things after all.

But what if your child has suffered a concussion. Do you know what to look for? Would you even know if their brain had been damaged? If you answered that “no” you don’t know what to look for than you aren’t alone. But here are a few clues just in case.

Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion

A concussion is a form of a mild brain injury. And as they stated on Global BC, doctors still aren’t aware why some people who receive a concussion recover quickly and why others don’t recover for years and sometimes never often feeling the symptoms for life.

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Becoming sleepy or lethargic
  • Double vision
  • other symptoms.

For kids like Trace, recovery is better. Children’s brains are still growing and have a chance to grow and change around the injury. But for someone like myself, my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) will never improve, get better or really change but only worsen as I get older and time goes by.

I will never remember things again. What I do know is that it’s important >>> this awareness in brain injuries and I’m glad they are being taken more seriously, especially in sports related injuries.  Parents and coaches are becoming more aware that time is needed in order to heal before getting back out there to play.


The brain is a delicate thing. Not only does it control our bodies, but it helps us function. The brain is what allows us to breathe, walk, talk, hear, move, speak, smell, and every nerve inside of it is like an electric signal. If that signal is damaged and can’t though, well then there is no turning back.

As for Sydney Crosby, well he has time to recover and I’m sure he will. Hockey players wear helmets. In fact, most sports helmets are now mandatory. But that doesn’t mean all kids play safe.

So make sure your kids protect themselves, and that you as parents are well aware of how to protect your child from getting a concussion.

Have you or someone you know ever had a concussion? Do you know anyone with a brain injury?

P.S. The challenges of parenting with a brain injury

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  1. Ashley April 4, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    I will forever worry about my girls getting hit in the head because I have post concussion syndrome(nothing as horrible and, I'm sure, difficult as your brain injury but it is still hard to deal with). When I was almost 15 I fell out of a cheerleading stunt where they never let go of my legs and hit my head hard on the floor, we weren't using mats. As if it wasn't bad enough it happened in front of most of our school I got a bad concussion from it and spent a week in the hospital. It's been over 4 years and I have a migraine and double vision every day and at this point they have no real hope it will get better anymore. I am glad that more attention is being paid now to head injures in sports because it can really mess up your life.

    1. forgetfuldad April 4, 2011 at 1:19 pm

      Wow thanks for commenting Ashley and sharing your story. It's true what you say many people can suffer for years. That's why I'm glad they are bringing awareness to the problem because a big thing many parents do is allow their kids to go back to playing the sport or activity too soon, without allowing the brain time enough to heal.

      I'm sorry you had to deal with it and in front of everyone. I appreciate your comments and hope to chat with you again. πŸ™‚

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