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Boxing Week Round-Up 2017

by Jodi Shaw

It’s hard to believe it’s over, but the hustle and bustle of buying, finding great deals both online and in stores is still going strong. Though many of our stores were closed the past few days due to an ice storm causing a power outage, that didn’t mean I still couldn’t find the deals I wanted to get a head start on the next year. I love gadgets that help make life easier like the Treemote. Anything unique to keep the flow of the family home going.

A clean-shaven man is a man worth loving. Harry’s Gift Sets are high-quality razors built to last with a program men will love. At only two dollars a blade, you only cover the shipping during your free trial. Women can use the razors, too, on their legs which helps keep the hair at bay longer.

Freeze Frames are the coolest sunglasses going. Not your ordinary sunglasses. These gel therapy glasses offer cooling pads that help your eyes stay puffy free and keep your eyes from feeling tired. I don’t travel without mine. They are so handy I cannot even begin to tell you. Getting rid of tired and puffy eyes isn’t easy. Freeze Frames are only $89 bucks and worth every single penny. You won’t be sorry you got them.

The Squatty Potty might seem like a novelty gift but let me tell you it’s not. It’s actually good for your health and can help your digestive system with alignment, and right now they are having sitewide 60% sale for boxing week that you don’t want to miss. Squatty Potty is worth the money, affordable and would make the perfect gift for someone you love.

goTenna Mesh is groundbreaking technology that allows us to communicate even during the harshest weather. Something good to have when an ice storm breaks out and lines are down. You can pair the mesh to your phone and create your own signal to send text and GPS locations, no services required. The bigger your network, the stronger your communications. Right now you can get a two-pack mesh for $249 CAD and there is an offer of pay later.

Viva La Juicy is my absolute favorite perfume and right now it’s worth every penny because it smells so amazing. However, a great deal is important. London Drugs has a box set on sale with 4 types of Juicy for you to enjoy. Juicy’s newest perfume launch of Glace has me torn between the original, gold and this new wintry fragrance.

Bellabeat Infinite Leaf Tracker is the absolute most beautiful fitness tracker for women. It’s gorgeous and I mean truly. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or a clip on your sweater with added accessories. You can find so many attachements online at Etsy shops. What I love is how the Leaf makes you feel special, tracking your fitness and much more.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Night Cream is something my mother swears by. She uses it as her daily moisturizer and her skin is so soft. I love Aveeno products they are super great and help keep your skin from drying out. They also smell great! I also love that they have a new line of products out for Mom + Baby together.

Boxing week has so many great deals it’s hard to keep track of them all. From televisions at Best Buy to books on Amazon. There is just so much to choose from. I even got my new Google Pixal 2 XL (which I’ll be reviewing) on a boxing day special. So here are a few more deals for you to sink your wallet into and come up with savings. Hope you enjoy!

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