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Boxing Week Round-Up: Gift Ideas That Keep Giving

by Jodi Shaw

Christmas is over but the deals are still flying off the shelves, and people are flocking to the streets to spend those holiday gift cards they received from Santa. But how do you know which deals are the best? Well, I’ve got a few that I want to share with you guys. These are my favorite picks, gifts you can still get at the tail end of this boxing week. Gifts that keep on giving for 2016.

When it comes to finding the right deals, the hottest toys, gadgets, computers, televisions, clothing and more. I’ve got some real treats you may have overlooked. So here’s a rundown of what you should be looking out for. 


Roku Express – $39.99

This little device packs a big punch. I’m reviewing it right now and will post my review later, but honestly I can tell you this is one of the best Roku devices I’ve ever used. My favorite thing about the Roku Express is that it can connect via USB and HDMI and it’s super tiny. You can take it traveling with you and run off the hotel’s wi-fi if you want, streaming everything you wish from TubiTV to Netflix. 

Twitter: @rokuplayer
Facebook: @roku



Playmobil NHL Collection – $8.99 to $60.00

One of the hottest toys this season, Playmobil puts little imaginations on the ice with their favorite players. These are so adorable and the perfect size for a collection series. You can pick up the NHL official ice rink, and these playmobil characters actually slap shot, shoot and pass the puck so they can get into the game. 

Review: @justjodiplaymobilnhl
Visit the Playmobil Website: @playmobil.ca
Instagram: @playmobil
Twitter: @playmobil
Facebook: @PlaymobilCanada


For The Family

Fuji Finepix XP90 Camera

This is the perfect for the family to take those precious memories for  years to come. Never miss another shot. Another video. And don’t worry about the elements. The Fuji Finepix XP90 is rugged and durable. It’s actually waterproof up to 50 feet! 

Learn More Here – @justjodifujifinepixreview
Twitter: @fujiguys
Facebook: @fujifilmcameras  

For The Home

Lampe Berger Paris Canada – $20 and up

If you haven’t heard of Lampe Berger, well you don’t know what you are missing. Lampe Berger lamps don’t mask smells or foul odors in your home, they actually filter them out. They are truly incredible, and I have to say quite stylish. You can definitely find something to go with your decor. Best of all, they are here in Canada! 

Read More Here – @justjodilampebergerreview
Instagram: @lampebergercanada
Facebook: @lampebergercanada


Gifts for Her

Maybelline Cosmetics – $5.00 and up

We had a hard time choosing our favorite pick from our holiday gift guide this year for our round-up for boxing week. There were so many wonderful gifts you get that special woman in your life. Something for your mom or sister, aunt, cousin. But when it came down to it.  The choice became easier with Maybelline Cosmetics. Maybelline had such a great year, fantastic options for women, everything from lipstick to gloss, mascara to foundation. Women everywhere were rushing out to buy these products, which is why it became our number one choice this season. 

Facebook: @maybellinenewyork


Hottest Item This Season

Everyday Tote – $189.00

This is one of the hottest items this holiday season. The Everyday Tote. It may seem pricey but honestly since getting mine, which I never thought I would use much except for maybe traveling. I have been using it all holiday season long. I’m addicted to it. It’s more than a bag. It holds essentially everything I need and not only that, but it organizes my stuff in a way where everything is easy to find. I absolutely love this bag which can be used by anyone. 

Learn More Here @revieweverydaytote
Instagram: @peakdesign
Twitter: @peakdesignltd
Facebook: @peakdesignltd


Best Outdoor Gift

Kammok Roo – $99.00

Hands down this is one of the best outdoor gifts you can buy for yourself  or someone you love. This isn’t your normal everyday hammock. The Kammok Roo is special, easy to set up and perfect for camping or hiking. I gave mine to my son and he is so stoked to use it. Don’t believe me? You have to see this thing in action. It’s the best outdoor gear on the market! 

Review: Loung Inspiration
Instagram: @kammok
Twitter: @kammok_mob
Facebook: @KammokMOB


Gift for Him

ZTE Axon 7 Phone

Any guy would love to carry around this sleek, modern, top of the line, chalk filled with every form of technology you can imagine in his pocket. The ZTE Axon 7 is something I’m waiting to get my hands on for a full review. But after researching it online, it’s not only one of the best flagship devices, its worth checking out. 

Twitter: @ZTEDevice
Facebook: @ztedevice


Best Home Decor

Plane & Nail Co – Rustic Furniture and Decor

You will not find anything more rustic, more country, more durable and more made with love to accent your home decor than Plane & Nail Co furniture and wood accents. The pricing is so darn good it’s unbelievable. And right now if you mention JustJodi when you order you get 10% off your order until January 9th. Plane and Nail makes everything from sidebars, to stools, bedframes, coffee tables, side tables, breakfast nooks, wall accents and more! 

Website: @planeandnailco.com
Instagram: @planeandnailco
Pinterest: @planeandnailco
Facebook: @planeandnailco

So there you have it. These are my top picks for items you should check out, rush out to buy and add to your collection or pick up for someone you love. Great deals are hard to come by, so I wanted to make things a bit easier for you. Enjoy your shopping! 

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