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How to Generate Interest In Your Blog Posts

Finding ideas and topics of interest to blog about isn’t always easy.  Sometimes I go through writer’s block trying to find topics to write about that I know will benefit my readers.  If the content isn’t there, then why bother?  But after trolling the internet and searching for some great tips, here are some blog posts that can generate interest with your readers.

Caption Post

You’ve seen this on Facebook. Post a photo and then ask your readers to “caption it! This is a fun way to get your readers responses and makes for a good fun post.

Top 10 Posts

Top 10 posts in your niche, posts on food, recipes, electronics, movies for the year. Top 10 posts are fun, not too long and inform the readers on a topic they may have interest in.


Memes are very popular among bloggers, not only to help make new friends but also to give you a topic to post about. Here at R & R we post memes for Pinterest and for Photography. They are fun posts and entertaining and give you a weekly post.

How-to Posts

Everyone is an expert at something. Find what you are good and showcase it. How to blog, how to knit, how to cook something. No matter what it’s sure to be a topic that someone is searching for online.

What’s Trending

If you look on Facebook or Twitter you will always find something that is popular. Weigh in your thoughts and do a post up on the topic. Your audience for sure will chime in with their thoughts.

Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to share your personal life with your readers. Sure some people won’t care what you had for dinner, or want to see pics of your kids birthday party. But your loyal followers, the ones that know and love you — will. So don’t be shy, share a bit about your life, what you’ve gone through or are going through and let everyone see how human you are.

The Read – and Repost

Ever read a blog you love and get ideas from the post you’ve read. I do and all the time. Sometimes you have things to add to the post, your own thoughts or ideas. That is what is so great about having your own platform. Here you can do the post how  you want, say what they didn’t, and shed light using your own opinion on the topic being discussed. To be nice – reference the other blogger and really get the conversation started.

No matter what you blog about, be true to who you are. And remember you blog for you. It’s not always about comments or numbers but the quality of what you are writing and those you are sharing it with.  Happy Blogging!

Do you have any other ideas on what would make a great blog post topic?


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