My Son Is A GloriousMessMakers


One thing I love about my son is his willingness to do crafts with me. I have never been an overly crafty mom. My idea of baking cookies consists of buying dough, and plopping it on a baking sheet and waiting 20 minutes. But lately I’ve been trying hard because Trace loves crafting, even at the age of nine. 

So that’s what we did today after school. Thanks to Green Works I’m part of their #gloriousmessmakers team, getting perks comes with the territory, including incredible crafts and fun items to use in and around the home to make the long hot days go faster. Today we worked on a new bird house. 

Trace absolutely loves to paint. He’s also keen when it comes to his senses. I hadn’t even noticed the paints which had silly symbols of fruit on them (grape, watermelon, lemon, strawberry) etc… smelled. Yes smelly paints. What kid wouldn’t love that! 

Trace started out painting the sides of the house along with the front and back. He had a clear idea of what colors he wanted to use. I love my 70’s chrome and arborite table, and yet I use to worry when we doing crafts on it that it will stain. Using Green Works I don’t worry anymore. Messes are super easy to clean up, so I can let Trace have a blast! 

After the bird house, Trace wanted me to make some popsicles. Green Works provided us with super killer molds to use. Flavor of choice? Ice – Tea – Sicles, Trace’s favorite drink. He helped me pour the juice and cleaning up was easy using my Green Work All Purpose Cleaner. 

Green Works Makes Cleaning Up Messes Easy!

Clorox Green Works®  has a line of naturally derived, affordable products that we use daily for cleaning even those most powerful of stains. Ever since we tried it I have not used anything else because Green Works smells great without harsh fumes or residue being left behind. 

Green Works Line of Cleaners

Green Works All Purpose Cleaner used for counters, appliances, greasy stains, icky stovetops.

Dishwashing Liquid removes grease easily with no harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Wipes for every day use on bathroom mirrors, cleaning up spills, used on vinyl and fiberglass and non-wood surfaces.

Glass Cleaner for those larger windows with mucky handprints that make your windows sparkle and shine.

Laundry Soap Packs with no ammonia or bleach to help your clothes stay fresh and clean!

You name it and Green Works has it. It sure makes cleaning our mess-makers fun quick and easy. My favorite is the All Purpose cleaner. I can use it on my vinyl flooring diluted with warm water and my floors come our great!

Do you have mess-makers? If you do then head on over to Green Works Canada Facebook Page and for more product information on Green Works and all the amazing products they have to help clean up your messes visit



  1. Alexson@Dress The Yard February 27, 2016 at 8:15 am

    Jodi you’re a great mom. And your son is very adorable. I like the way he has been helping you making that bird house. It’ indeed joyous when kids come forward to prepare or learn something with great interest. You’ve made a very nice bird house there.

    1. Jodi - Site Author February 27, 2016 at 8:35 am

      Thanks Alexson, I appreciate the comments. He’s a great kid and loves making stuff. Now if only the cat would stop chasing the birds from their home 🙂

  2. Guy Gardener July 22, 2015 at 5:47 am

    No seeing the final product? It looks like he was doing really well with his bird house. This maybe a showing of his future career! A painter for houses or something.


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