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Bimber Viral Buzz WordPress Theme

When it comes to WordPress themes, I’m super picky. Right now viral themes seem to be a thing that is all the rage, but finding a good viral theme that has everything you need is difficult. Bring the Pixel introduces Bimber a faster than lightening Viral, Buzz theme your readers will enjoy!


Incredible Layout

grid formatBimber is a viral theme that is nicely laid out. We love the grid style giving you the kind of layout you want. Integrated using WP QUADS plugin you can place your ads in the header, content, before comments where you need. Using MailChimp for WordPress plugin you can use custom styling and place your mailing form inside the grid producing more reasons for readers to sign up.


More Posting Options & Viral Content

pop postsBimber allows you to create listicles with images, gifs, videos and embed. It hosts buttons on the top Popular, hot and trending lists providing your readers an array of posts to read. Fancy badges for each one are easily put together and share count / view count along with comment count visibility. You can also maximize readers time on your page with “You may also like” a related post option, and the “More from category” and “Don’t miss” sections.


Social Sharing at It’s Best! 

bimber share

Bimber utilizes one of the most powerful social sharing buttons we’ve seen to date. Used on sites like Buzzfeed and Mashable. The MashShare plugin is awesome showcasing your share count visibility, big buttons with clear call to action, first and secondary buttons and you can choose to place these before or after your post.

There is also image sharing added to boost social sharing on a visual level and a sticky share bar so your readers will always feel the need to share your amazing content. 

Note: Bimber v2 is fully compatible with Snax – Viral Front-End Uploader plugin, our dedicated solution for submitting viral stories, images, galleries, embeds and open lists. Check Bimber + Snax in action 

A Theme You Can’t Resist

bimber 1

Overall we are thrilled with Bimber and testing it out was flawless with the latest version of WordPress. There are so many built in features. Support is excellent for anyone wishing more help. If you are wanting to start a viral site or share a magazine blog, fashion, beauty or whatever topic interests you then look no further. Bimber is top knotch!


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