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Betty White Turns 95: What You Don’t Know About This ‘Golden Girl’

It’s hard to believe that Golden Girl, Betty White is 95 years old. While many agree that January 17 should be a National Holiday to celebrate one of the most iconic Hollywood starlet’s of our time. Better White says age don’t mean a thing. Her humor and positivity is something we can all learn from. So, here are 15 facts about the Hot In Cleveland star you didn’t know. 

#1. Her Love of Animals

Betty has always had a love of animals. I’ve seen her time and time again on television handling animals and her involvement with several organizations for the care of animals. It all stems back she says to her parents who used to care for and pick up strays. 

#2. She is the oldest cast member of the Golden Girls, but the one who has lived the longest. Wow! 

#3. She loves snakes, her dog, Taco Bell, sexy firemen, French Fries & playing Poker. 

#4. She was 90 when she won her first Grammy.

#5. Honorary Titles

 In her 95 years, Betty has received various honorary titles which include: Mayor of Hollywood 1955, Forest Ranger, Zoo Commissioner, Kentucky Colonel, and even has an Orangutan in the L.A. Zoo named after her. Way to go Betty!

#6. She has played Rose Nyland in 4 different shows. Golden Girls, Golden Palace, Empty Nest and Nurses.

#7. She has a huge crush on Robert Redford

#8. She’s been married 3 times in her lifetime. 

#9. At one point in her life Betty wanted to be an opera singer, or a painter. 

#10. Known For Her Hilarious Quotes


#11. Her nickname growing up was “Bets” given to her by her mother. She was not named Elizabeth just Betty. 

#12. Feb 2014 she a host for WWE Raw which was totally cool. 

#13. She was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts in 1995.

#14. Her favorite alcoholic drink is Vodka. Betty likes the hard stuff. 

#15. Betty Runs For Presidency

#16. Betty isn’t into the animal rights movement and doesn’t like being linked to it. She is just in the right to the care and love of all animals. 

#17. Betty starred on a game show called Password in 1961 where she met her third husband Allan Ludden. Then they were on another show called What’s My Line in 1963.

#18. Used to annoy Bea Arthur with her positive attitude on the Golden Girls. She was 63 when she started the show.

#19. Betty never remarried after her husband Allan passed away in 1981.

#20. Betty Shares Meeting Her Third husband Allan Ludden

#21. Went to Beverly Hills High and she graduated from the school in 1939.

#22. Never had any biological children of her own but helped raise Ludden’s son and daughter from his previous marriage after his white passed away from cancer a year before he and Betty were married. 

#23. Betty White is in the Guiness World Records book 2014 for being the record holder for the Longest TV Career for a female entertainer as her career has spanned more than 77 years. 

#24. Did you know she has a twitter account and loves to tweet

#25. Happy Birthday Betty! 

From Hollywood Sitcoms to Big Screen Movies. Betty White says she can’t believe she’s 95. “I’m healthy and the luckiest old broad on two legs.” 

We wish Betty White the happiest birthday and hope she has another 100 years to go. She is funny. Lovable. Courageous. Shows amazing character and strength and it is nice to see her still going strong and entertaining us.


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